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Linda, I think the server was tired with so much unusual traffic.


To everyone who are "stuck", don't despair. You still have 2 days, and we will help you. Take a break if needed. Sometimes, a fresh look will make more sense.


Additional general hints:


- as Deanna mentioned, think of keywords *IN* the clues.

- some pieces will be in the blog, but several will be in other sections available through the menu.

- there is a menu on top of the site, but also in the footer


I think that should be enough for today. Let's continue tomorrow.


Thank you to all those giving hints without giving the answers. I think it makes the game more fun.

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I too have found information but no balloons!  I'm frustrated!


I have been at it for 1.5 hours and my eyes are blurred.  One problem is the Search won't work for me as I get this message "Forbidden. My IP belongs to a high spam risk - turn off your VPN and search again."  My VPN is to protect me so my IP address is not seen by other sites.




Mary / gramie791

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