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Janette, me, too! YEARS!!! ?


except I’m STILL not finished!


I need help!


I found the answer to number #9 several different places, but none had a balloon bouquet!


here is just one of many, to prove I’ve been trying!





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Mine arrives in Canada already.  Now it's done I miss it, LOL.?  I'm off this weekend,  I've guests. tomorrow. ?‍♀️ I might be back on Sunday or Monday.? And Yes Carole I've learned so many lessons there is still much to learn from PSP. I've got pleasure in PSP again thanks to your lessons. ?Have a good weekend all of you whatever you intend to go to do. Much luck to all of you who have not finished yet.?
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Carole 6 and 13  - well - I think I'll get a good night's sleep and continue my search in the morning when the hunters in Canada are already fast asleep ;)
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I am running out of time now and not sure if I will have time on Sunday to comple. I have 3 still to find:


number 2: Where do I save all those files I downloaded for PaintShop Pro?


number 5: Can I use Photoshop brushes (.abr) in Paintshop Pro?


Number 9: How do I get the old Material Properties window in my new PaintShop Pro?


I have found places with the answers but don't see a balloon icon for these last three. Have managed to put together the rest of the jigsaw puzzle which is quite fun. A lot of effort has been put into the quiz and in the process of finding the clues we do see a lot of the site.



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