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For our 11th-year Anniversary Celebration, we will be hosting a TREASURE HUNT for you to win great prizes.


All the clues will be available on this page, on September 8th.


If you are stuck, you can ask questions in this thread.


To keep it interesting, I would ask that nobody gives the direct answers or the direct URL for any clue. I don't want anyone to get frustrated, but I also want you to visit the Campus (don't worry, there is no walking involved).


Have fun!

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Keep going Rene, do a DEEP dive and you will find it.  This was a blast.  I spent more time being distracted looking at stuff I wanted to know about, than hunting and I had to keep reminding myself what I was doing.  One clue that stumped me I was thinking about it too narrowly and then after I was doing something else that it occurred to me that I need to think in terms of what it "was" and not what it "does".  Sorry, I'm being cryptic, cant let the cat out of the bag.



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I stayed up late last night and enjoyed the hunt. I got all of them except Number 12. I looked and looked until my eyes were sore, but I am not giving up, it is too much fun. I just got home from work and wanted to hunt some more, but remembered I have a meeting, so I will continue the hunt later. I cannot imagine where that number 12 is hiding. Probably in plain sight. Thank you Carole for providing this enjoyable activity for us.
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