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When working on various graphic projects, unless we are particularly skilled at drawing everything from scratch, we love a good source of supplies. Creative Fabrica is one of those sites where you can find a variety of designs that can be used with your PaintShop Pro.

What it contains?

Creative Fabrica has a lot of resources, ranging from fonts to embroidery designs. If you are solely working with PaintShop Pro, some sections won't be as useful for you, but you can always make use of other resources from the site.

The fonts

I particularly like this site for some of the fonts it offers. Unlike most fonts with regular characters, this site offers a variety of fonts that include additional glyphs. Check out their Fonts page HERE. Look at some examples of interesting fonts with fun glyphs:

Of course, there are other ordinary fonts that you might want to add to your collection for a variety of projects using your PaintShop Pro. Use them for titles, journaling in your scrapbook projects, or on greeting cards or posters.

If you are interested in using fonts with extra glyphs, check out this tutorial.

How about cliparts?

Creative Fabrica includes a lot of cliparts. Some of them are available in SVG format, which is ideal for those using cutting machines, but if you try to open them in PaintShop Pro, you will lose their "vector" properties and those cliparts will appear like regular flat image. Sometimes, a PNG version is available, which can be used readily in PSP. Other cliparts are available in PNG format only, and you can use them in so many ways. They can be used in scrapbook projects, greeting cards or any other graphic piece you will be working on.

Here are some examples:

What else?

Although you are likely a PaintShop Pro user, you might have some other interests. In that case, Creative Fabrica might also have something specific for you.

There is a large section for embroidery designs if you are into that.

There are also a lot of designs that might be categorized for something (like "cake topper", "keychain pattern", etc.) but you can definitely use them for other purposes.

There are some great background textures/images that can be used in various projects, like this:


How much?

This site offers great freebies, every day. They rotate and change just about every week, so there is always something new you might want to try at no cost. They also have daily gifts, which obviously, you have to check every day!

They do offer subscriptions for different categories of products (or all of them). If you are someone who will be using a lot of those resources, a subscription might be the way to go instead of buying the files individually.

But of course, you can also purchase only that one font, or that one cut file that you need for your current project. Or even look into bundles if you want a lot of files from one category.


Yes, you can also get great bundles. They can include fonts or graphics, like these:

Again, they are not always the same, so you have to check them out regularly.

I did find that if you have specific needs, you can create your own bundle of 30 products for $17. That is a good deal if you want SOME fonts, and SOME craft files, and SOME cut files, and SOME backgrounds. Maybe you have a project in mind and need something from various categories. Now you can get that too!


Creative Fabrica is a great resource for fonts and other graphic designs. Give them a try with their freebies, and subscribe to their newsletter. As soon as you request one of their freebies, you will be added to their mailing list. Keep an eye on it. You might get some great deals!

Some links in this post are affiliate links. If you make a purchase using them, I will get a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only promote products and sites that I personally use and love.

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