Gold Star – Cristina

This month, you can meet an active participant in our various challenges. Although she has not been in the Campus for many years, her contribution is still much appreciated.

Can you tell us a bit about you?

My name is Cristina. I am Brazilian, married and I have been living in Germany for over 25 years.
I met my husband here in Germany. We were both working for the same company, and I came here on a business trip. One year and a half after the first encounter we got married. This happened almost 27 years ago. We don't have children. and we like traveling and being in contact with nature.

How did you get to work with PSP?

I began using PSP when I came across a very good site, that doesn't exist anymore: Web Tech University (WebTechU) from New Zealand. It was not really a university, although called this way. They offered high-quality free HTML, CSS and PaintShop Pro classes. This was in 2006 and I completed all classes.
I love learning new things, so I am always looking for tutorials on different subjects, and lately mainly about PSP.

How did you get to join the Campus?

I found the Campus last year in the Corel Discovery Center Page. I have been watching their videos tutorials for years, and the link to the Creation Cassel blog was there on their Free Stuff tab.
I decided to become a member, mainly because I knew nothing about scrapping, and I saw the opportunity to learn something new. The free Beginner's classes "Start Here" helped me to make the decision. So, this scrapping stuff is still fairly new to me.
I enjoy very much being here and can only praise Cassel's knowledge and products. She is available for any doubts or questions we have. I also like very much seeing the work of other members in the Forum.

Can you share some projects you created?

Sure. Here are some layouts that I like. In each of them, I try to use one type of fastener, that I've learned following the Fastener's tutorials that I bought.



If you want to see more projects made by Cristina (and other participants) during our challenges, she posted some in our challenges section.  Do you also want to create scrapbook pages for yourself, your friends or relatives? You can do it, just like Cristina did. Register as a student, and you will be on your way to make some breathtaking projects; check out our different membership available to help you.

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3 thoughts on “Gold Star – Cristina”

  1. Thank you, Dawn and Royanne for your lovely comments. I really appreciate 🙂

    Royanne, I created the title with Bariol Bold Font and picked the colors from the flower element, which is a DiHiller Design’s freebie (School of Art).

    The papers for Santa was a mini kit freebie from Eyeinspire (Merry Little Christmas).
    The idea for the cluster I got from Cassel’s Basic Scrap Course 1 – Having a ball

  2. I really like your day at the park. Your font is excellent the different colors draws my attention. Your color scheme for Santa is really nice the use of plain paper and designed paper is good. I try!!! Thanks for the inspirations

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