Gold Star – Royanne

This month, we meet with a fellow Canadian member of the Campus. She has been a member for quite a while and loves to participate in our forum activities.

Can you tell us a bit about you?

Hi my name is Royanne, I have been scrapbooking for about 10 years. I live in rural Alberta, near a small town St. Michael. I have lived here with my husband for 33 years. We have 2 lovely daugthers in their thirty’s. Our oldest daughter built her home just 400 yards from our house. She has 2 lovely daughters that we love to spend our time with. Our youngest daughter lives about 30 minutes from our home. She is not married and has no children.

I was raised on a dairy farm and there was no difference between boys and girls, I milked cows, cleaned barns, baled hay, worked the fields all the boy stuff. I did lots of sewing with my mom; she was a very crafty lady. I then sewed with my daughter. I have now turned to digital scrapbooking. And thoroughly enjoy it. Also, I enjoy working in our yard, we have a large yard with water features, paths and bridges.

I just retired in November 2016, I was a Certified Management Accountant for 35 years, and we are now spending our winter, approximately 5 months, in Yuma Arizona. This was our first season away from home. We face timed with our girls and granddaughters several times a week. Technology is great and it seemed like we were not even gone. Yes I took my computer and all of my pictures with me. However, I did not get too much time to get caught up.


How did you get to work with PSP?

I cannot remember what version of PSP I started with but I now use X9. The program costs less than Photoshop and as I searched the internet for ideas and tutorials I found lots on PSP. I am not a photographer, but I enjoy taking pictures. I found I had so many pictures and I was forgetting who was who and what was happening so I started to document it in PSP.

I have many plug ins and I certainly am not a pro at any of them. I enjoy learning and admiring all of the fantastic scrapbooking ideas out on the internet. I then put my scrapbook pages into a slide show it takes up less room and I hope that in years to come my family will watch them and say ….. I remember that….. I also make a calendar every year and show off my family and adventures of the year.

I am hoping now that I am retired and I will have more time to learn and explore the digital scrapbooking world.


How did you get to join the Campus?

I was searching the internet for digital scrapbooking tutorials and found the tutorials at the Campus very easy to understand. I am not artistic; I cannot even draw a straight line. I have made several embellishments, papers and learned so many techniques. The Campus is kept up to date, forums, challenges and monthly master classes. I am constantly learning and referring to the Campus training material. I admire Cassel with her dedication and enthusiasm for scrapbooking she is always willing to help and continues to provide excellent resources.


Can you share some projects you created?


This is one of the first pages I did. It is of our yard where I enjoy spending time.  I do not even remember how I did.

I was at my daughter's house and the girls were sitting on the table. I started singing to them ...... as the text on the page says. They laughed and thought it was so funny. I enjoyed scrapbooking this page. I used the cass-AirbrushedPaper script with 3 colors, pink, orange and white. I added a white layer below it and then the airbrush paper a bit transparent. The frames were done by selections - modify - select selections borders. As described in the Frame It master class. I added a bevel and drop shadow. Added some monkeys for fun and text.

I tend to use more elegant themes. I really liked how this one turned out. I matched the flowers to Lexi dance outfit, from a kit I had. I took the blue and pink flowers to make a background. I used cass-AbstractPaperPattern for blur as an overlay, added a white layer behind it to lighten the pattern. I added texture with cass-TexturedPapers. I added some word overlays and flower stamps (from other kits). I used the selections everywhere master class to have part of the photo out of the frame. I placed the picture in a mask, masking in PSP master class. I really like to use masks I have downloaded
several free ones. Then I added a ballet dancer and used a color layer to match the blue and glitter around the edge cass-GliltteredEdge. Then I added some text.

My mom, Nanny, took my two girls for a picture. I, Grammy, took my two granddaughters for a picture. I changed the pictures to black and white. Used the ellipse tool to cut the pictures as ovals. Used cass-SilverChains1 tubes for the frame around the oval and the VectorTube script. The I added a glass effect. I used cass-AbstractPaperPattern to create the black and white blur of the background paper. Then added some roses and angel.

This is my most recent scrapbook page. I love to scrapbook my granddaughters. I did an oval selection on Ally's face and then placed it on the paper as a hard light layer. I used wood texture, as an overlay, to try to make the floor piece that Minnie Mouse is standing on match the color of the hardwood. Minni Mouse - I selected a small portion Ally's exercise outfit for a fill, then I selected the color, magic wand, of Minni Mouse's and filled with the pattern. I then added a drop shadow to Minni Mouse. All of the techniques I used were from different Master Classes created by Cassel.

If you want to see more projects made by Royanne (and other participants) during our challenges, she posted some in our challenges section.  Do you also want to create scrapbook pages for yourself, your friends or relatives? You can do it, just like Royanne did. Register as a student, and you will be on your way to make some breathtaking projects; check out our different membership available to help you.


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  1. A lovely story and some really nice pages. There are so many techniques to use to make the pages look good, it doesn’t matter if you are not very good at drawing yourself, like me. You will make fantastic memories for your family to share.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story with us Royanne. Your pages are really lovely. I especially liked the one of Nanny and Grammy with your angels. Such a lovely page and I am sure will hold many wonderful memories for your children. Well done.

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