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Whether you are musically inclined or not, music is all around us. We can actively reach out for music activities like joining a choir or playing an instrument, but we can also be passively inundated with music when turning on the radio, the tv or just hearing the neighbors blast their favorite tunes. Let's have a peek at ways to incorporate musical themes into scrapbook projects.

Musical instrument

Do you own a musical instrument? A guitar that you play regularly? A piano that sits elegantly in the family room? An old harmonica from your grandfather? Or even a bizarre contraption that can still be used to play music? Take a picture of it and show it off. Even better: take a picture of it from an unusual angle for a surprising effect.

Layout from Connie Hanks


Playing music

How old (or young) are kids when they start trying to make music (which is often more like noise in the beginning)? Playing with pots and pans and plastic bowls can be an initiation to music, but then, where will this grow into? Maybe some future stars? whether YOU are playing music or your kids are, snap a picture of it. Document that too! And remember to list the name of those favorite pieces.

Layout from Alquafea


Layout from Marina


Singing and performing

Do you sing in the shower? If so, maybe we don't need a photo, but the story could still be interesting! Kids learn to sing so early. Parents sing to kids. Families sing together. Then, some will join a choir, perform in front of an audience, as a street performer, and more. Did you ever capture those moments?

Layout from Jennifer White


Layout from Melissa Shanhun


Layout from Lori


Marching bands

Music can be performed on a fixed platform like a theater but also on the street in a moving fashion with marching bands. Not only this is about music, but it also involves choreography which is a whole other level of difficulties. But whether you are part of a marching band, your kids are in or you just enjoy watching it (in addition to listening to it), there is a story to tell!

Layout from Lori


Layout from Jennifer White


When I was 12, I joined a marching band and we were invited to participate in the Quebec Winter Carnival parades (there are two parades for that event). Just days before the first parade, the roof of the storage where all our uniforms were waiting for us, collapsed, damaging them to the point that we could not wear them. Our director ended up borrowing uniforms (and costumes) from other bands and groups. We were mostly all wearing mismatched costumes. I had a "military" uniform, and the one beside me had a clown costume, someone else was a lion. When you think of it, it was so ridiculous! I wish I could find pictures of that, but that is so long ago...

Concerts and shows

Maybe you are not the kind of person to want to perform. Maybe your kids are not into singing or playing music. That does not mean you can't enjoy music! You can be one of the majority who loves to attend concerts, musical shows, talent shows, and more. Although you might not always be able to take pictures at a concert, you might be able to keep a memorabilia that you can include in your project, like your ticket or your backstage pass.

Layout from Marina



Do you have a collection of old vinyl records (yes, those "antique" things)? Do you have a favorite song? A favorite signer or group? You can document that too.

Layout from Heather


A-ha by Alison Day Designs
Layout from Alison Day


Do you have scrapbook projects to showcase some musical theme? Leave a comment below and link to your layout or feel free to tell the story. Remember, you can document stories without photos!

cass-MusicTubes1-250If you want to add some musical elements to your next project, how about these picture tubes for Paintshop Pro? Just with the movement of your cursor, you can draw the staff any shape or length you want, and then add random notes.  Click HERE to download them.


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