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Water is essential to life and in our daily lives or wherever we go, chances are you'll encounter a body of water. When people go on vacations, a lot of times they go to the beach for a swim or they go to mountain lakes for a refreshing and relaxing time. Some people have fun with water in indoor or outdoor pools or they go on river adventures. While extroverts go boating, some folks simply enjoy viewing aquariums and observing underwater life. Water also makes a great background in digital scrapbooking because of the color blue and decorating it with elements is easy, if not very pleasing to the eyes. Let's have a look at some beautiful layouts and ideas to inspire you to create your own water-themed scrapbooks.


Going fishing up the river or at the lake is always a nice time to enjoy nature. It's a perfect time to bond with family members or friends who enjoy the same hobby. Catching a fish (especially the first time!) is also an achievement and calls for a moment of celebration, and what better way to preserve those memories than in a creative scrapbook layout!

Layout by Alice Boll


Sailing, cruising, or simply going on a boating trip is another leisurely activity that people do with friends or family, especially during the summer and if the weather's great. Some people believe there is something about the sea and it seems to be calling out to them, and then there are people who just enjoy listening to the waves, feeling the wind in their hair, or the warmth of the sun on their skin. If you love the ocean, you must have a lot of photos taken during these trips. Why not create a fun layout about it?


Layouts above by marinapj

Going to the beach

And speaking of salty water, a lot of times simply going to the beach is yet a relaxing activity that people of all ages enjoy. Kids loves to build sand castles while grown-ups love to read a book or listen to the waves lapping against the shore. And if you're feeling it, a quick dip or snorkeling for a bit is always a great way to get a full body exercise because you get to move your entire body. Plus at the end of the day, you can possibly get a beautiful tan, too! Just don't forget to wear sunscreen. They say life is better at the beach, do you agree?

Layout by xboxmom


Layout by marinapj


Layout by marinapj


If you're really serious about staying fit and exercising, swimming may be the best workout for you because it lets you trim fat, slim down, and stay strong and healthy all year round. And if you want to take it up a notch, you can always join a swim competition, too.

Layout by Alice Boll

Pool lounging & water parks

If swimming is not your thing, there is always the option to just lounge beside a pool or get on a floater and just stay cool from the summer heat. If you don't own a pool, there are water parks and public pools where you can also go to have plain good ol' fun with water.

Layout by Alice Boll


Layout by marinapj


Layout by Melissa Shanhun

Water Skiing

Another fun and exciting thing to do in the water is skiing. It can be quite challenging but once you get the hang of it, it should be a breeze. Learning and enjoying water sports is an experience worth recording and with digital scrapbooking, you can do just that.

Layout by Alice Boll

Catching frogs

Although "frogging" or catching frogs may not be a very common pastime, your kids or grandkids who enjoy the outdoors (especially the boys!) may be off to an adventure of their own. Catching frogs is fun for kids and the best place to find them are in rivers and/or shallow bodies of fresh water.

Layout by Alice Boll


Whale and/or dolphin watching

There is also another activity you can do on top of boating and that is whale watching and/or dolphin watching. It could be an adventure of a lifetime for adults and kids. It is an unforgettable encounter worth creating a digital scrapbook page about.

Layout by AnikA

Aquarium and zoo trips

For people who prefer learning and watching marine life in a safer and more controlled environment, they usually head to a nearby aquarium where they can pay a visit to enjoy various attractions. It's really fun to explore the unknown and discover environments foreign to our own. Aquariums and zoos give people the opportunity to dive beneath the waves and during trips like these, you can get an experience that is intimate with underwater marine life forms.


Layouts above by marinapj

Glacier Trekking

If you live in a place where winter can be depressing in addition to being icy cold, most likely there would be glaciers in your area that may cheer you up if you go out on a trek instead of being cooped up at home. Snow season can get tough, but there's always a silver lining to every situation if you look for it. So if you do plan to enjoy the outdoors during this time, just remember that safety should always be number one.

Layout by marinapj


Back in the old days and even in some cultures presently, rain is considered a great blessing. Kids love to play in the rain and muddy puddles. Wearing a cute pair of boots and carrying an umbrella is a kind of photo opportunity you don't want to pass. But if you can't capture the rain clearly in your pictures, you can always take a look at this Master Class: Weather Wise for PSP to guide you.

Layout by AnikA


Do you have a fun and unforgettable experience that involves water aside from the ones showed above? Let us know and feel free to share it in the comments below!

cass-WaterAlpha-300If you want this set of Water Alpha Tags, for free, to embellish your water themed projects, click HERE .

Use those tags to date your adventure, spell out the location, or the occasion. And remember to share a link to your masterpiece in the comments.

For a tutorial on how to attach those tags to a string easily with a realistic look, check out the Corel blog post HERE.

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  1. what a wonderful layouts. The theme is just what I did for my next scrapbook kits, I just created one named By the Pool, and another one named waterworld. I used some scripts in those kits too, to make an alpha and some other elements.

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