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  1. I need to read better Our Teacher had answered my question, way back its Up till " The lessons will stay up until Sunday, June 30th. " ill keep trying.
  2. I have problems to but want to keep trying, Couldnt keep up but Wondering to how long they will be up?
  3. Even your lil Animals are so lucky and loved πŸ™‚ I think she found a comfy spot felt warm like when my bones hurt I turn on a heating pad, Animals are so Smart.
  4. Dear Teacher, I signed up for scrapbook class, I couldn't do this but still trying. Please how long will this Lessons be up to watch it... really trying but need way more time then my classmates they are good and FAST. ty
  5. I haven't wrote but just Waiting for the book, I have the one I bought off Amazon I need this new book. I cant even make a card and couldn't do the last class till trying. The Vectors 😞 but I see everyone else can πŸ™‚ happy for them. Really need the new book, I want to write in caps my eye sights got worst is all I care about trying to see it. Cant wait for the New Book though
  6. I know it wll be the best I bought the one pdf on Amazon πŸ™‚ I wtb it I love how you show how to do the Magic.
  7. Quaker Ladies plant Quaker ladies
  8. Your a Angel at my sons get spoiled here Congrats all who won who played who did Art your all Winners
  9. Lady slipper orchid........................ Lady’s Slipper Orchid. The Lady’s slipper type of orchid is also known as slipper orchids
  10. I am always happy for the Winners but hoping I win a membership so bad, The best People are right here
  11. Thank You Ann Seeber, your Wonderful and Great like our Teacher thank You I did 2 other things yesterday, I hope my daughter will be proud of me when I show and tell her.
  12. Ann I did it and emailed this year you didnt have to help me, I Love You all.
  13. Me to Thank you! thank you I am trying to get back to one chatter (me) hugs all
  14. It always works for me, not sure have to google when, sorry I think its a good thing but sometimes takes me a day to adjust. Dear Teacher will you resend the bootcamp to me I still cant find to start bootcamp I think I was signed up ty ty ty ty
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