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  1. I Love your book your so Awesome, loved all the pages Happy Holidays your so cool. Hugs all
  2. hi Mrs. Cassel, I know either idea will be Awesome, but I live the book idea.
  3. Q ran as quick as I could after school to home to watch Dark Shadows my mom said why do you want to watch such queer stuff.... lol different time.
  4. cindy harris

    Cinders Stuff

    ? I Love Carole, Scrapbook Campus, and Our Store. I want to buy everything in it. Carole makes the Best Scripts and learning classes that's why I am here. I learn things, I know it helps me to have a Hobby my children are happier with me now. They all said i need a hobby, and I found the best one for me. My mind learns so many things all the time here. I have Bad R.A. And a Broken heart a few times over but Survived. I am my happiest when I can afford my Diamond Membership. I love Scrapbook Campus ? ??
  5. Yay, Bootcamp super happy Need my bootcamp thank You
  6. I wished i could do a picture like shirley the one above me I made this and worked on it 2 hrs IDK you can post older ones I have some from past bootcamps... ty hugs all more points
  7. HI I am trying but I cant make anything work even tried scripts I just cant get anything to work but wanted to put there here to show I am trying. And I entered my puzzle by email, this is the fastest I ever got it in ? Really want the extra 10 points I love Contests and Scrapbook Campus and all you all.
  8. Susan me to a shower and nap is my cure all, and I got my puzzle sent in to Carole ? Its the fastest Ive got it done ? till now.
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