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May SCRAPLIFT Challenge (2023)


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Learning scrapbooking is often done with practice, looking around for inspiration and trying to recreate projects we admire.

This challenge will give you an opportunity to personalize a project while trying to "copy" another one. Of course, you will change the title, the text, and the photos, but you will want to try to replicate the arrangements and some of the effects you see. It is a challenge but in the end, you will learn more about scrapbooking and your PaintShop Pro.

In honor of Mother's Day (at least in North America), here is a simple layout you will want to "scraplift".


Although this layout was made in a rectangular format, you can easily use the basics in a square format.

The translation for this says "Germain Handfield-Chauvette held, in her arms, three generations".

And if you want more information on "scraplifting", check out this article.

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My nieces. My oldest niece and her son are not in the group photo. She lives in another state and wasn't able to join us. I have recreated the photo at each gathering for the past few years.

The papers and elements come from various kits, bundles, and collections.

GNL-2023 Scraplift - May-600.jpg

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Six of my grandchildren (the ones who have significant others). The only one missing is Tyler-John who is unattached at this time. The title font is Baby Olivia, the background is color fill treated to weave texture, the curved paper is treated to a pattern using the sculpture texture, the flowers behind the photos are a ribbon called Butterfly Garden-clipart 15. Brad, on the top left, is new to my digital layouts. He and Alycia, top right, are twins.


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