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  1. It's a card for my fractal friend. She loves roses so there are many them Our Fractal Garden. I used Carole's template.
  2. Carole, you were right , TB means Teddy Bear.
  3. Och, known, nice company:)))))))))))))))))
  4. FEBRUARY14. Funny and sweet text /IMHO/ found in the net. Red heart-a waterculor shape, stars-Astronomy font.
  5. SUBSET. You know, JK likes mountains. I use pics he sends to me, I use right now a mask 'Send Me an Angel' created by me in PSP.
  6. L4corrected. btw, Carole, thank you very much for nowaday activity:)))))
  7. Very interesting theme of the pics.
  8. Day4. Outsige is fine but better inside. Not only Teddy Bear thinks so; ) Done without scripts but probably it would be easier with them;)
  9. Recent JK's trip to the mountsims, I created a mask, used a handweitten font.
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