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  1. It's IMPRESIONISM. Great painting! I love this work as I love Monet's works💕
  2. Recent Jacek's trip to Baltic Sea or to Tricity in Poland. You peobably remember his trip to Sopot /it's one part of Tricity/. Shots taken by Jacek, letters created by Carole.
  3. Hi, Carole, this time am here without any problems😍. Fine to meet PSP-friends:)
  4. Dream with a photo taken by Jacek and a few FractalForge-s. I've got six free ones. I love them:). It's really good plugin, Carole's template.
  5. L7. Card7. Shot --kayaking,
  6. Corrected L.6, Card6.
  7. L6. Card6. Shot taken by Jacek in Warsaw/Wilanow.
  8. Peggy,, glad you love my/our Teddy Bear:) I used free font HEATLAND REGULAR.
  9. L4. Card 4. TB---Teddy Bear. Each man has a Teddy Bear and loves he/it.
  10. L3. Card3. Fonts Christmas Tree
  11. L2. Card2 corrected a bit thanks to AnnSeeber. btw, it's super fun so I've changed my work a little bit.
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