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  1. Fine and funny post:) It would look great on FB where&when people say about bees.
  2. My work is inspired by What is scraplifting? | Scrapbook Campus. Eveything is mine: paper, photos, frames, Google font Arial (probably), FilterForge FreePack 5 (my favorite). Carole, I can use FFfree packs but my pics must be smaller before.
  3. First Bike Trip....this year.
  4. Lesson7. Carole, thank you very much for the recent workshop:)))))) It was a fine work with a double page. I knew some trends of doble page. I know certain places where I can use/find really great templates of double page. In short words: THANKS FOR ALL:))))))))))))))) Thank you for all members who were working with double pages. Your works inspired me. THANKS:)))))))))))))))
  5. My 5 and 6 lesson in one double pic. I've looked for the right 32bit ICE for long time. I found a .zip file which contains 32bit and 64bit. I'll send it to Carole, if she want to. MY 5&6 LESSONS : An image on the top is a result of ICE's action. ICE used two images (presented on the bottom)
  6. Great double page. I can say: "like x 2":))))))))))
  7. On Feet. WinterWalks.L.4.
  8. I suppose, it's not perfect, sory but I could not find the best point to put good pics. Carole, thank you very much for ideas and notes:))))))) I must always remember about shadow.
  9. OK 🙂 I thought , it's correct now. Have you lesson3 now?
  10. Is your address correct written?
  11. It's a paper. I changed its color in PSP.
  12. ZOO2 will be downloaded later, sorry
  13. ZOO1 and ZOO2 which are connected by the same grafical element, some words, the same paper and tiny words when the shots were taken
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