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Your membership grants you exclusive access to a variety of content, including short tutorials, inspiring experiments, templates, full-length classes, and Q&A Calls (live and recorded).

Here are the main sections you might want to look into.

Where should you start?

If you are new to PaintShop Pro and just starting with digital scrapbooking, you will find it useful to beginning with the Quick-Pages workshop, as it will let you complete some scrapbook pages with minimal tools.

Once you get a little acquainted with the program, you can follow the Basic Scrap Course, where you will start to use ready-made supplies and arrange them to create your scrapbook layouts

As someone who is familiar with the basic arrangement of papers and elements in a digital scrapbook layout, you might want to start creating some elements yourself, to customize your project. The Scrap Tutorials will guide you. Those tutorials are typically short and you can choose any design, effect or element you want to create.

If you are also looking for some inspiration to create your project, The Lab includes various ideas and suggestions to spark your creativity. And there is also a new template in every module if you are a bit tight on time or just want to avoid starting with a blank page.

You will surely want to explore some of the more advanced tutorials in the Scrap Tutorials section. They are identified with three buttons on the previews. You would not get intimidated by those tutorials that might be slightly longer than most.

Some of The Lab experiments might be a great challenge for you, especially the Title experiments.

You might have joined the Campus to learn more about PaintShop Pro. If you have no interest in digital scrapbooking, you will find a lot of full-length classes on various topics around photo editing and PaintShop Pro.

You can check out the categorized list of Master Classes. Check all the classes identified with    for photo editing topics and for PaintShop Pro classes.

And only if you are curious, you can check the other classes and tutorials around digital scrapbooking.