In this section, you will find various tutorials, of different levels of difficulty. Although the instructions will offer you the basic steps to create the element or the effect in question, you are more than encouraged to customize the steps, adjust the sizes, colors, textures, to create something that is unique to you.

Some tutorials are available on their own. Those are the older ones. Other tutorials will lead you to Lab modules. Either way, you will get a video tutorial and written instructions to match.

On the right, you have a checklist of the tutorials, matching each category. You can check off the ones you have done, as a way to know how far you have gone, or which ones you still need to discover and try.

Suggested tutorial

Although there is no search available (yet) for this page, you can always use Ctrl-F and type in the tutorial you want. This will identify the names in the checklist, which will then help you identify which preview to click to access it.

In order to help you, each preview has an indication of the level of difficulty (“one button” is easier, and “three buttons” is more involved).

Click on the previews tiles to access the matching tutorials.

Paper Patterns

Paper Use

Tags and Journaling

Text and Titles


Photo Use

Ribbons and Bows