Q&A Calls

Q & A member sessions

On the second Sunday of the month, we are holding an exclusive Q & A sessions where you can ask questions live or submit them ahead of time, in the designated area of the forum. Each session is recorded and you can watch them at your convenience. A written transcription is also available for each session.


June 2024

  • Using the Multi-frame Collage script
  • Convert a selection to a path
  • Create a cutout effect
  • Add User Presets for New File
  • Using the Alpha-Maker script
  • Unexpected Promoted Selection layer
  • Text in a circle counterclockwise
  • Using the fonts from the store
  • Using the Fancy Text wrapping script
  • Using the Shadow Placer script
  • Creating keyboard key alpha
  • Using premade masks
  • Saving masks in PSP supplies
  • The different designs for Inner Bevel
  • The Red Eye Removal tool
  • How to use Text presets
  • How to save Text presets
  • Adding/Removing swatches in a palette
  • Colorizing dingbat designs
  • Adding accented characters
  • Can you organize plugins in the list?
  • How to close and save multiple images at once
  • Difference between Seamless Tiling and Seamless Pattern scripts
  • When and how to use the Anti-Alias options (Off, Sharp, Smooth)
  • Select Similar versus Select Selection Range
  • How to create split frames
  • Issues with moving palettes

February 2024

  • Using the Smart Photo Fix other options
  • Difference between Save and Save as…
  • The “Enhanced Frame Tool” in PSP 2023
  • Adding keyboard shortcuts as needed
  • Adding shading on thread for 4-hole button
  • What to use Float for
  • In the Projection script, can you edit the layers?
  • What about updated scripts in the store?

January 2024

  • How to space evenly
  • Location of custom picture tubes
  • How to create a round badge with squares
  • Curving a PNG
  • Converting a PNG into a vector 
  • Creating a torn edge (3 ways)

December 2023

  • Classic material palette and the Standard one
  •  Import content from previous versions
  • Different commands in AJDUST/COLOR
  • Taking screenshots with dialog windows
  • How to “aim” when making selection/preset shapes
  • Editing and re-exporting preset shapes
  • Adding glitters on edges
  • Extracting using the Pen tool

November 2023

  • Stitching effects
  • Different options with the Selection tool
  • Character Map UWP
  • Layer Styles on vectors to create a cutout effect
  • Palette, CapturePalette, and Image > Palette
  • Using the EchoText script
  • Compatibility between PSP versions
  • The Materials palette
  • Layer Style

October 2023

  • Hexagon as seamless design
  • Creating Outline cutout
  • Creating Initials template
  • Inner and Outer bevels
  • Illumination effects
  • Cutting out round pieces
  • Moving supplies to another computer
  • Identifying preset shapes/files
  • Redrawing a preset shape

September 2023

  • Using Particle Shop
  • Adding thickness with reversed shadows
  • adding shadow to a mask group
  • Saving projects in .pspimage format with uninstalled fonts
  • Trimming images to match size
  • My Brush is not working
  • What is the Edit Selection for?
  • The Brush Variance palette
  • Hue/Saturation/Lightness
  • Saving presets
  • Creating a diamond shape preset
  • Troubleshooting the Fill tool not working

August 2023

  • Working with photorealistic images
  • What is the Art Media layer?
  • Creating puzzle-like shape
  • Using the Flip it up script
  • Removing extra space around elements
  • The Emboss tool
  • Sharpen, Sharpen more, and Local tone-mapping
  • How to create a satin texture
  • Using the VectorMergeAndCutout script
  • What about the .temp files
  • Issues with selecting a layer
  • Auto-save in 2022
  • Issues saving files with text in .pspimage format
  • Issues with the quotation marks in PSP
  • Question about the Ctrl-Y (Repeat)
  • How to use the Perspective Correction tool
  • File association to open .pspimage files in the correct version
  • Using the Brush variance palette to create doilies
  • What about the Hue Map?
  • Resizing without distorting
  • Adding bevel and shadow to scatter tubes
  • Creating and using the stitch brush
  • What about the APPLY button
  • Linking and grouping
  • How to customize the Layers palette
  • The Layer Effects in the Layers palette
  • The purpose of the Background layer
  • Custom Styled Line
  • What is the Shape Cutter
  • Creating scenes with AI and PSP?
  • Using the Hydrangea brush
  • Creating shiny gold
  • How to join two single pages into a double
  • The Vector Property dialog window
  • “Raster-to-Mask”, “Clip-to-it”, and “Speed Scrap” scripts
  • How to make a knot with a rope/string?
  • How to use the Mother’s Day template and Preset Shapes?
  • How to colorize a flower PSD template?
  • How to add/remove color palettes?
  • How to use the Wet Look effect?
  • What about the rankings in the forum?
  • Adding threads to buttons
  • Creating the stencil effect
  • How to create a template from scratch?
  • How to create a flower brush?
  • How to use the slats templates?
  • What is the difference between the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of PSP?
  • How to bind scripts and create shortcuts?
  • Depth of field
  • Fancy wavy lines (like Spirograph)
  • Snap to guide when using the Edge Brushes
  • Creating antique paper 
    Black and white pencil sketch effect
  • All the supplies from the “Program files”
  • Print images and Pocket Card files
  • Organizing content in folders and sub-folders?
  • Create Brushes from PNG script
  • Creating wavy type of text?
  • How or when to Promote background layer

February 2023

  • Unable to resize text
  • Creating “Perspective striping”
  • Creating curvy borders
  • Creating a Layered book effect
  • Missing thumbnails
  • Categories are not alphabetically ordered
  • Bringing resources from previous versions
  • How to get that many preset shapes?

January 2023

  • More about the Pen tool
  • The Flood fill and “Use All Layers”
  • Adding dimensions to ornaments?
  • Changing from symmetric to not-so-symmetric shape?
  • Adding a color palette to PSP?
  • The color changing when using Blend modes
  • Changing the resolution from 72 dpi to 300 dpi
  • Which Selection tool should we use?

December 2022

  • The Text tool, the Miter, and Warp options
  • Rearranging layers in the Layers palette
  • What is washi tape?
  • Shadowing translucent Washi tape
  • Editing tubes to add more elements
  • The Mask Maker script

November 2022

  • The difference between the Fill and the Color changer
  • Text inside a curved banner
  • Color space warning
  • Saving options and warnings
  • Creating even and square borders around a photo
  • Working with vector nodes
  • Wrapping text inside a selection
  • Creating a snowy window
  • Getting rid of ads

October 2022

  • The various Selection tools
  • Organizing files and supplies
  • The Refine Brush
  • What about compression?
  • The “Aligned Mode” in the Clone tool
  • Framing to a full-page project
  • Creating key lines
  • Using the corner punches
  • The Frame tool
  • The tools “hidden” under  Lighten/Darken

September 2022

  • Importing .abr brushes
  • All the icons in the Layers palette
  • Adding more Preset Shapes
  • When to Promote Background layer?
  • When to Promote selection to a layer?
  • Difference between Effects > Textures and Texture in the Materials palette
  • Recovering vary faint text/design
  • The Edge Preserving Smooth
  • Adding shadows on very dark backgrounds

August 2022

  • The Smart Carver
  • How to delete presets?
  • The Warp Brush and its settings
  • What about the Mesh Warp?
  • The Mesh Warp and the Warp Brush
  • Linking and Color coding in the Layers palette
  • Grouping in the Layers palette
  • Three boxes under the Material swatches
  • Other icons in the Materials palette
  • Different Blurs in PSP
  • Using Layer Styles
  • Cropping as a new image
  • Importing .abr files
  • what are .eps files
  • Using the Smart Selection Brush
  • Using the Object remover
  • More about the Gradient fill
  • Various folders with PSP resources
  • making a bird “sing”
  • Issues with text outline
  • Extra folders in the File Location
  • Blurred videos in the Campus
  • Creating a display of school photos
  • Color changing tools
  • How to use the Lock Transparency
  • Show all or Hide all in using Masks
  • Extracting from a jpg to a png
  • Make parts of an overlay transparent
  • How to zip files
  • Small and large texture files
  • How Carole became a PSP expert