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    sandra jones
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      I am new to a jpeg optimizer so I went online, read about it and then asked Carole what it was so I think I got it down now.  My question would be what would be the average setting for compression?  I read online that it was 40.   I also loved learning how to cut out squares that were equal in size.  I was ‘eyeing’ them and trying to get them close.  After learning about guides they are fasting becoming my favorite of PSP.

      This is a picture of me, my dad and my sisters.  It is rare to have us all together so when I was going thru my old external drives last night, I seen this one and decided that I needed to do something with it.  I used a scrap kit called “Wise and Peaceful Mother” by Dreamn4ever Designs.

      As always, I am enjoying everything that I learned.  Watched the webinar last night and learned about scripts and today I am planning on exploring more of my Diamond Membership so I can learn to make different Alphas.

      Carole, you are very easy to understand with clear cut directions with your videos.  It makes them easy to learn from.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us all.

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        The AVERAGE compression will depend on the image and also where you want to post it. If you post it online, you can easily go to 20-30 compression and nobody will notice. At 40, it might be noticeable. Typically, look at the two previews when you change the compression, you should see (or not) the changes.

        Have a look at this article. It illustrates the differences to look for.

        Ann Seeber
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          Here’s my page for Project #4. I used a kit called Rustic Reflections from ScrapGirls plus some odds and ends from elsewhere. I didn’t like the look of a doily so I added the engagement ring because this is announcing the engagement of my granddaughter Jackie Crozier and her honey, Corey Thorpe. They’ve been together for 7 years now so IT’S ABOUT TIME! lol

          Jackie is a zookeeper at Claws & Paws Wild Animal Park in Pennsylvania and Corey works for an environmental firm. The wedding will be in June 2021 and there’s an outdoor engagement party Sat Aug 15 that I will be attending.

          EDIT: somehow, the engagement ring top right vanished when the pspimage was resized to 600? It was still there on the full image and resized properly this time. No idea what happened… ??

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