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      Learning scrapbooking is often done with practice, looking around for inspiration and trying to recreate projects we admire.

      This challenge will give you an opportunity to personalize a project while trying to “copy” another one. Of course, you will change the title, the text, and the photos, but you will want to try to replicate the arrangements and some of the effects you see. It is a challenge but in the end, you will learn more about scrapbooking and your PaintShop Pro.

      Here is the layout you will want to “scraplift”.

      And if you want more information on “scraplifting”, check out this article.

      For the techniques (*IF* you want to follow that too), there is the Out-of-Bound and the Selective Coloring.

      Sue Thomas
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        Blimey, I’m on the ball!!!! 🙂     It’s hardly a scrap page, but I had already put my mind to creating  a magazine cover.  It started to rain late afternoon, so I thought I would get creative.  The rain is very welcome, as we  get very little of it.  If you would like to  a larger version, check out the FB page.   I  used the flower fly, which is a wasp mimic on the flower to do the out of bounds, and the butterfly and the ladybird lava to create the selective  colouring.  I see in the layout that the slipped in photo technique was used, its a technique I like and use on occasion, although it’s not really meant to be used in a  magazine cover.  I can always change it at a later date.  I will be  doing inside pages, using photos, and giving more details about the insects that  I will showcasing,  including these  beautiful living gems.

        Ann Seeber
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          SCRAPLIFT CHALLENGE: Here are The Hyphens, photos courtesy of the Merlin app recording their calls in my yard. I chose each bird, so it had a spot of color to use for the Selective Color technique. I did the Out-of-Bound technique on the Red-Eyed Vireo. I pretty much followed the layout style of the Scraplift example. The background is a gradient called Landscape. I had the various trees and flying birds in my Elements collection.

          EDIT: I’ve made quite a few improvements since I first posted this, so I’ll post the new version alongside the old to show the differences.

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          Sue Thomas
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            Seeing as my last page wasn’t a scrap page, I decided do another one, featuring some of the new arrivals. I can honestly say I have an infestation of ground squirrels. Here is one litter of five. I will let natural predation keep them under control. A family of geese at the dugout, out in the horses field. I used masks to create the selective colouring instead of the eraser tool. I find using a mask works better, especially when it came to working on the photo with goslings under the wing. In fact I used 2 masks on that photo, as I changed the hardness of the brush in the second mask.

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              here is my result for June SCRAPLIFT Challenge (2022)

              we now have really good swimming weather  🙂

              I used Color replace tool to change the color


              Anja Pelzer
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                Oh so wonderful scraplifts, love those little ducklings, great work Sue

                also great work with the black and white photos and the colors pops out Ann.

                love the alpha on the big photo and out of the bound Boy , Pirko

                here is mine , using some scripts for the elements

                made a pattern from the trees in the photo to make a matte

                frames are from PSP

                background are three colored papers , I used eraser tool with lower opacity to make this look, then merged

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                Corrie Kinkel
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                  This is my scraplift layout.  I followed more or less the given page and made the photos black and white with the flowers in color; the middle one is also done out of bounds. I liked the radial gradient and made one from the colors in the photos. The little photos have their corners slippd-in. Looking at the page now, maybe I should have included the names of the flowers. I’ll do that tomorrow because now it’s bedtime for me.

                  Pirrko, lovely page and nice to be able to go for a swim when it is that hot!!!

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