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Susan Ewart
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Here is my project for Day 7 Project 3.  Well, it happened again.  when I was doing the journaling part the words were lagging behind my typing (I’m NOT a fast typer). I knew something was up and sure enough I couldn’t save as PSP.  I am still able to work in the project, just not save it.  So I hurriedly did the shadows and saved as a TIFF and JPG with no problems.  I also copied and pasted as a new image  each element/paper layer to see if I can recreate this page and save it as a PSP file.  My first project this happened, my second was okay.  I blame windows 10.

Papers and elements from Digital Scrap book.  Both flowers are two flowers merged.  I used the eraser tool to cut the corners off the glitter paper and to notch out between the photo’s, which are mine, part of a Flat Lay Photography project I am doing on Gazing Bowls.  The title font (Baby Heart) I think is Creative Fabrica (I have a font viewer and it includes Google fonts so now I don’t know whose is whose.  The Journaling is Bell MT which I think might be windows.

I love seeing the creative and interesting layouts from everyone.  Lots of good ideas.

Thank you Carole on your comment about my shadowing.  I try a lot of different versions to see what seems more realistic… and  if I get stuck then I then I go with WWCD (What Would Carole Do?).

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