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As someone who works with PaintShop Pro (and maybe other graphic programs), you are likely working with various color palettes. Although you can create your own color palettes, it is sometimes helpful to get inspiration. You can pick new palettes you like or a palette that will challenge you.

Where is Design Seeds?

We might have seen those color palettes just about everywhere, from Facebook pages, groups, and Pinterest boards. The various color palettes available are easily recognizable with their logo.

Design Seeds has been around for many years, but it is now just a repository for various palettes created during the last years. You can find their blog HERE where you can search for palettes with the list of labels on the left side of the page. This particular site has a bit over 80 different color palettes.

More than their typical palettes

Although the typical color palettes are always welcome, the site itself also has a few additional resources for you to explore. Their Miscellaneous Inspiration offers some colorful mood boards, brushstrokes, and mood palettes that can help you and inspire you.


Their Instagram page

Although you might be happy browsing everything on their site, what about getting thousands more color palettes? Yes, you can get many more on their Instagram page. You can access it HERE. You can scroll and scroll endlessly and smile at all those color palettes. Themes are varied and you can get inspiration from all of them.

I have used their site a few times for our Palette challenges in the forum. How will you use this resource?

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4 thoughts on “Featured resource – Design Seeds”

  1. I agree with Michele and Dianne, yes it is fairly easy to choose or make a palette and still easier with the palette script but I have used this site before and bookmarked it. I recognized some of the palettes that were mentioned in the Labs or for the color challenges and I will continue coming back when I need some inspiration or have something special in mind.

  2. While it is fairly easy to create my own palettes, sometimes I need a little inspiration from palettes other people or sites have to offer. I didn’t remember that I already had the site bookmarked with some other sites I use.

  3. It is fun to cruise their archives but, I have to admit, creating palettes is so easy that I usually just build them on my own, and find the color changing tools so much fun for making some additional variations on a theme. I am not, however, trying to create kits or scrapbooks so my needs are pretty modest, and it is good to see what the possibilities are. I had lost track of this site so thank you for bringing it back into view!

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