10 picture tubes for Christmas projects

PaintShop Pro comes with a variety of picture tubes that can be used to embellish your projects. There are many themes and one of them is, of course, revolving around the holidays. But you can grow your collection of picture tubes by others too. Let's have a look at 10 picture tubes you can use for your next Christmas projects.


This is a very old tube that is also available in some more recent versions of PaintShop Pro.

These branches are perfect to create a background or a wreath that you can decorate with more elements.


What would be a Christmas tree without ornaments? These are traditional baubles in different colors and sizes.

Once you have a base, like a tree, a string, or a wreath, you can add those randomly around. These ornaments are available in some versions of PaintShop Pro, even though they are very old, so they might also have been available for a long time.


These picture tubes are available HERE, in the store. You get several color combinations of holiday colors. Since they are picture tubes, you can use them to draw typical garlands in a tree, around a window or within the branches of a wreath.

You can write text, freehand, or follow an outline of a vector path using the VectorTube script.

Candy Cane

These picture tubes are also available in the store, HERE. These are sequential picture tubes where the design is automatically created while you drag your cursor in the shape you want.

Of course, you can create the shape of candy canes, but many other shapes where it will look like you twisted some candy cane into something else.

Christmas lights

These picture tubes will create a random string of lights, just like those ones you would put in the tree, in a wreath, or along the edge of a window. The interesting detail about this particular picture tube is that it will draw the string between the lights and those lights are added at random.

The set includes monochrome lights, but also multicolored strands. You can get that whole set in the store HERE.

Christmas presents

What is a Christmas tree without presents? Although there are not many, some picture tubes come with some versions of PaintShop Pro. Those presents can be added under the tree, inside stocking, or as decorations in a wreath.

I think we could have more, but those are still great to add to your Christmas projects.

Christmas string

If you add garlands in your tree, you might also add some Christmas strings, complete with some snowmen, snowflakes, and stockings. They are available in the store HERE.

What is interesting with these strings is that the elements are always hanging down so however you draw them, they will always look in the correct position.

Icicle Light String

If you ever want to decorate the outside of the house, along the roof edge, you might want to simulate some icicles but for the holidays, you need them lit, don't you? These icicle lights are similar to the regular light strings above, except that they hang, like the Christmas string. A combination that creates an effective decoration.

If you use a dark background, you will see a bit better that you have the option for icicles to be lit or not. Of course, you can still use the lit icicle on a medium background and the effect will be more subtle. You can get these in the store HERE.

Metallic ropes

Although those picture tubes are not specifically for the holidays, the simple fact that you have some metallic threads in the rope makes them perfect to add a festive look. You can use them to write text, or attach elements.

Don't you think they would be great to tie around a present? Grab the whole set in the store HERE.

Seed beads

Another picture tube that is not specifically for Christmas is the set of seed beads. There is more than one set, in different colors, but set #1 and  set #3 have perfect holiday colors with red, green, silver, and gold. You can place the beads in a neat and directional way, or scatter them.

Since they are seed beads, you can add tiny details to your holiday projects, whether you want to make strings to add to the tree or the wreath, or just scatter them on your holiday card.

With all those picture tubes to choose from, you are ready to create your own holiday projects, whether they are scrapbook pages, or Christmas cards.

If you want more holiday projects, check out the Master Classes, including the PaintShop Christmas and the other 4 classes in the series.

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