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A profession is usually what we do for a living. It requires knowledge, skills, and advanced education or training. Selecting a career or profession to pursue is never an easy task. It’s actually one of the most important decisions a person will make in his lifetime. Most people choose their profession based on their educational background and capabilities while others pick a certain career which will bring in more money for them or ignite their passion for the things they really love.

Whether you’re currently looking for new career opportunities, thinking of switching to another job, or simply wanting to learn more about other professions, there will be plenty of possible options to choose from. Taking your time to discover whether a specific field will suit you or spark your interest is always a good idea. After all, we wanted to be at our best and be proud of the things we do, right? Here, you will find a few career-themed layouts that may encourage you to showcase your dream profession or probably help you present what career path you have taken...with pride.

Sales & Business Professions

If you have an aptitude for numbers, love talking to people, and finding ways to offer them something that will make their lives better, you might want to consider any sales and business profession. Some examples of the jobs under this industry are accountant, administrative assistant/secretary, financial advisors, market research analyst, insurance agents, etc.

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Medical Professions

Now, more than ever, people realized how important and challenging it is to be working as a medical professional. The individuals who chose this career are responsible for performing various tasks that involve the treatment and prevention of diseases as well promoting and restoring good health. Some great examples of the jobs under this category are doctors, nurses, emt, paramedics, psychologists, pediatricians, and more.

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Education Professions

One of the most fulfilling careers to have is teaching the future leaders of the nation. And because of the advancement in technology, it is now possible to educate and train students even outside the four walls of the classroom. There are a number of education-related jobs out there and that include teachers, special education teachers, ESL teachers, athletic coaches, substitute teachers, tutors, etc.

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Law Enforcement & National Defense Professions

Strolling your neighborhood without worries even at night? Sleeping safe and sound? I think we owe the people under the Law Enforcement & National Defense department big time. These individuals work hard to protect the peace and orderliness of our community. Some job titles under this category are police officers, state troopers, K-9 police officers, correctional officers, FBI special agents, military and more.

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