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Before the advancement in technology, we used to get overly excited whenever we receive letters via postal mail. Those days are long gone but anyone who had experienced that thing can probably agree that it was something special and very unique. Imagine having to read beautifully handwritten messages from the people you love and care about. Isn’t it wonderful to know somebody remembered you and took the time to write and send you a letter?

Unlike emails and text messages which you can receive in an instant, snail mails take some time to get to you. Typically, it can take 1 to 4 days or even a whole week depending on the location and circumstances. Yes, you might have to wait for days but that’s part of the thrill!

Do you like writing letters? Do you still have a collection of handwritten mails from your family, friends, or someone special? Then, take a look at these layouts we featured here so you can get some ideas on how to put them in the spotlight for your next scrapbooking project.

Love Letters

We’re pretty sure some of you still kept a pile of letters from your partners or past lovers. Well, we couldn’t blame you as these little things held some important and precious memories of your life. It would be amazing to look back and even share the stories behind those letters with your children or friend

Layout by Jean
Layout by Jean


Layout by Tammy

Layout by Tammy

Layout by Corrin

Thank You Letters

At some point in our lives, we have met a person or two that truly inspired and moved us. Those particular people deserve some appreciation. Some give them gifts but a simple thank you letter to show your sincere gratitude also works like magic!

Have you ever written a thank you letter before? Or did you ever receive one, perhaps?

Layout by Lovette

Letters from Home

There are times when we are far away from home and couldn’t easily communicate with our family, friends, or relatives. We wonder how they are and what they’ve been doing. So to keep in touch with them, people back in the old days usually send letters to each other and sometimes included pictures along with them.

Layout by Tammy

Layout by Tammy

Letter to Self

Aside from writing letters to someone else, there are also instances when we want to create one for ourselves. If you’re doing that to cheer yourself and keep you motivated, you are not alone! We also need to appreciate ourselves and add our own names to our long list of priorities.

Layout by Heidi

Layout by Tammy

Layout by Tammy

Whether you want to add postage stamps to a letter, or you want to only focus on the stamps themselves, you can whatever photo you want to this template. Use the same photo four times, two photos twice, or four different photos. It is up to you.

Click HERE to get your Stamps template.

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