Gold Star – Britt

Although our newest Gold Star is Britt, she is far from a newcomer in the Campus as she has been with us for a few years already. Let's meet her now.

Tell us a bit about you

My name is Britt Marie Halonen, born in 1949.

I am married to Leif and we have 3 children and 8 grandchildren. My husband is a Saami, the indigenous people in Norway, Sweden, Finland and in the Kola island in Russia. We have lived for 40 years in Kautokeino in Northern Norway. Kautokeino is a Sami village with ca 3000 inhabitants. We moved south 6 years ago, we had no family in Kautokeino.

I have not done much Cardmaking or scrapping the last 3 years. Our son had a brain stroke in 2017, he lives up North, so we have been there several times. My mother is 94, she broke her hip last autumn, so I Have been much with her too. She lives in a home for elders 700 kilometers from us. And we have 4 grandchildren down here, the youngest Marie,  is 8 months and Hans her brother is. 3 years. The other 2 are teenagers. Need I say that we are much together with the youngest.

How did you get to work with PSP?

I bought my first digital camera in 2001, WOW I was happy.  I started with a Casio camera 2MP, and then I wanted to do something with some of my pictures. Now I use Nikon D600 and Fujifilm X20. I have Osteoporosis, so the Nikon is too heavy to carry if I have to walk.

My first PSP was number 6, my boss at that time lend me his cd. Later I bought nr 8 and 9. I loved number 9 and managed to use it pretty well. Took some courses via mail, a Danish lady and some Norwegians managed them. Mostly we made tags, learned a bit on how to make tubes. I also got hold of Photoshop nr 7.

Then I bought PSP number 12 and later 17, 18 and 19. I also pay for PS. I find that PS can manage bigger files. Fortunately, PSP can work with PS files. In many ways, PSP is easier to work with, but I am out of training.

I have also taken the BW projects*. I think I need to go through them again. I am not an easy learner.

Unfortunately, I have lost some of my earlier work in a pc crash.

How did you get to join the Campus?

I have used PSP for birthday cards etc. Scrapping is not my strongest part, but I hope to make more of my own stuff. There is much to learn in the Campus

The Campus I “found” on Facebook. I participate in some groups but have not been so active these 3 last years. I am eager to learn more, even if I have trouble remembering. I like to make my own stuff, based on my own photos.

Britt has posted several projects, in the forum. Here are a few:

From the Basic Scrap Course:



And other fun projects:

And a project from the Love Story Challenge she participated in.

We are glad to have you as part of our active and supportive community.


*The BW refers to the Beginner's Workshop, which was a separate program from the Campus. It is no longer active.


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  1. I am an armchair traveler too, so always love seeing other people art showing their homes, countries, fids, pets……. Ok, I am nosey too, typical Southern Georgia Bell (ie short for typical ding-a-ling). Welcome, more the merrier.

  2. Hi, Britt! Nice to meet you! Thank you for sharing your story. I would love to see Norway…I am pretty much a home body…haven’t traveled much. I am sure Norway is a beautiful country.

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