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Whether you are creating scrapbook layouts, posters, greeting cards or other projects, you are likely to use the Text tool, and to make something unique, you will often want to use different fonts for different effects. Where do you find fonts for your projects without breaking the bank? DaFont is one of those reliable resources that you can count on.

Free fonts

Dafont.com is one of those sites where EVERYTHING is free. You can get fonts that are complete, but some are only demos. Either way, you get a great variety of fonts for you to use for your projects.


On Dafont, you have several categories to choose from, and different sub-categories too. So, whether you are looking for some script fonts, or fancy ones, or even some dingbats, you get a lot of choices to pick from. Simply click on one of the sub-categories and you get an array of fonts to browse through.

View the fonts

Every font that is displayed once you pick a category will show its name written with the specific font. In this example, Photograph Signature is written using that font, which gives you a great visual representation of what it looks like.

Each font has also an indication of its allowed usage. Some fonts are free for personal use, some are free for commercial use, some will be 100% free to use, while others are indicated as demo.

More information

Once you click on the font you are considering, you will get to this page with various details about the author, the font itself, and more. With the email from the author, you can always contact them if you need more information or are unsure about the allowed usage for your particular project.

Custom view

It might be one thing to look at the font in the preview, but if you plan on using this font for a specific project, you might already know what text you will use, and it might use some characters that didn't display initially when you browsed. You can enter your own text in the text field and see exactly what it will look like using that particular font.

More characters

The list of glyphs will show you all the uppercase and lowercase standard characters you can get from the specific font you are looking for.

Even more glyphs

Are you using some accented characters? Not all fonts include those characters but with this display, you can immediately determine if the font you are considering does include them or not, helping you decide whether this particular font will suit your needs.

I am sure you have used dafont before, however, if you have not, you now know that it is a reliable source of fonts of all kinds. What is your favorite font you found on that site?

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