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In recent years, we have made astounding technological advances and the most notable of these advances are ones made to computers. Computers are almost indispensable for many people all over the world. It is widely used in business, the academe, in hospitals, scientific research, and you know what else? Our scrapbook layouts!

Computers are like electronic magical devices that make our lives easier and accessible. Isn’t that fascinating? Families and friends all over the world can contact each other in seconds and businesses are thriving using this technological marvel. What fun!

You may actually be on your PC reading this blog post right now! You may also have a tale to tell just like all of these fellow designers who took inspiration from computers.

Tails of Computers

What is it about computers that our pets seem so attracted to? Is it the shape, color, or its warmth? Just like humans, these animals enjoy the warmth of a computer along with the soft glow of the screen. Our pets are very curious, after all. What is so fascinating about these glowing rectangle screens that their humans stare at for many hours? Let’s find out.

Layout by Lynn

Layout by Ekskou

Layout by Sarah Cooper

Computing Fun

Computers are not only for official businesses, of course! It can also be used for fun. Games, leisure, and most importantly, scrapbooking!

Layout by Karen

Layout by Crazsquaw

Layout by Cindy312


Computers are commonly used for work. Workspaces, labs, offices, homes - you name it. Our digital scrapbooking interests are made more accessible and diverse using the power of computers - layouts, kits, editing software, graphic design and many more!

Layout by Hanna

Layout by Susan

Layout by Bonnie

Layout by Paddy Wolf


Do you have some photos you want to display or a computer story to tell? You can have a fun title if you were to use these LED letters. Click HERE to request this complete uppercase alphabet in greyscale.

Once you have your hands on that alphabet, keep an eye on your inbox as you will also learn how to adjust it and even how to create more characters if they are not included in this set.

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3 thoughts on “Theme – Computers”

  1. When our cat is wanting a lot of attention my hubby will find a bird website and she is then mesmerized by the sounds of the birds chirping, and will even look behind the screen to see if they are there! The other day my hubby had recorded her meowing, and played it back to her, she was fascinated looking at herself on the screen and was very curious. It’s not just these type of video’s that attract her, sometimes she can be attracted by something in a film hubby is watching and would be glued to the screen!!
    Her favourite trick is to lay on the remotes, or put her paws on the buttons, when hubby is watching his fav football team or a film and she changes the channel or turns the TV off!! lol She does that a lot, as she likes to sit close and often lays on or near the remote, she is often changing channels or switching the TV off when hubby is watching something!! lol

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