Theme – Stars

Stars are fascinating. Looking upon a clear night sky and you see them twinkling from millions and billions of light years away. Their light travels the vast expanse of the universe and we only see a faint glimmer.

Which is why anything - or anyone - who is especially wonderful and fascinating is also known as a star. Star of the show, superstar, all-star - you name it!

And all these are awesome ideas for your next scrapbook layout! And as always, below are a few of the many inspirations for stars.

All Star, Super Star

When talent and discipline shine through, you know you’ve got a star. This can be an exceptional dancer, a focused athlete, or a determined artist. A page dedicated to their tenacity and character may be a trophy or a medal, but it’s definitely good as one especially since it’s made with love.

Layout by Candace Kyle
Layout by ccarter
Layout by Scrapnstuf

Reach for the Stars

Always aim high. No matter your goals; don’t be afraid to set your standards high. You are capable of so much and big goals will you the opportunity to prove yourself.

Layout by Sharon

Christmas Stars

The Christmas star is a very important holiday ornament. It symbolizes the star that guided the Three Wise Men to the manger where Baby Jesus was born. And for many families, putting the final touches to a beautiful tree is a tradition that must be immortalized - and you can do this with a scrapbook page!

Layout by Lydia
Layout by Robin
Layout by Maribel

4th of July

Another holiday where stars are very important is the 4th of July, of course! The stars in the US flag stands for the 51 states. Stars are almost a must-have when you are doing a 4th of July page, won’t you agree?

Layout by Jean

Stars, Skies, Space

As we gaze to the -- of the night sky with our wide eyes, many of us have dreamed to one day be able to go up in the sky and see the stars just a bit closer. Some of us may have even wished to become astronauts and space adventurers.

Layout by Susan


Whether used as the focal point or embellishment on a page, stars are no doubt very versatile elements. You can use them as background to add that extra pizzazz.

Layout by Angela

Whatever photo you are featuring, adding some stars wherever you want can be an easy way to embellish your project. You can use these star confetti picture tubes and put them anywhere you want, just by dragging your cursor on your project.

Simply click HERE to get this picture tubes.

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