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Are you a baker? Or you are mostly the person who does the taste test? There are many simple and easy baking recipes that make even the most untalented become kitchen superstars.

Baking is also an activity that brings people together, a great opportunity for much-needed quality time. Below are wonderful inspirations for layouts that feature baking.

Holiday Baking

The holidays are always a time for people to get together - and what do most us do when we do get together? I’m pretty sure you said eat! They say food tastes better when eating when your loved ones, especially when you did the cooking and baking for them.

Do you have a dish that you just cook for Christmas dinner? Or maybe a special meal exclusively prepared to welcome the new year? Holiday baking may be a tradition in your family. What dish do you usually prepare?

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Little Helpers

Kids are always eager to help out in the kitchen, usually to get the first dibs on those sweet smelling stuff coming off the oven. This is also an awesome way to give the opportunity to be responsible and learn new things. You may not just be teaching your little helpers how to beat eggs until fluffy but also how to be patient while waiting for those cookies to bake.

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Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are simply not complete without a cake or cupcakes. There'd be no candles to blow without them! Pretty awkward blowing birthday candles without a cake or cupcakes, wouldn’t you think? And baking them is definitely not awkward, rather awesome!

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Baking Traditions

Many holiday recipes have been passed down from one generation to the next. Do you have family baking traditions? Or maybe you are still in the process of perfecting a recipe that you can proudly pass on to the next generation.

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Baked Goods

Whether you are an amateur baker or a seasoned pastry chef, you may started from the simple desire to bake something delicious. And what great way it would be highlight your goodies than to create a page just for them!

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How about embellishing your next baking project with some sugar cookies in all the shapes of the alphabet?

Simply click HERE to get this sweet alphabet.

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