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Who doesn’t love gifts? Kids sure love unwrapping presents! Some people love receiving gifts, while some enjoy giving away presents.

It’s not all the time that we receive a gift wrapped in fancy paper and all tied up with a beautiful bow. Sometimes, the greatest gift we have received came in a rather not-so-fancy wrapping but these are the things (and people) that we cherish the most!

They say that when it comes to gifts, it’s the thought that counts. No matter how inexpensive an item may be but you know that it comes from a good heart and with the best intentions, you will appreciate it more than a costly present that was given with ill will.

Below are some pages that make gifts as their focal point. I hope you get inspiration from especially now that the Yuletide season is in full swing.


The most wonderful time of the year…

What was the most memorable gift you have received for Christmas? And what was something you have gifted away that really tagged at your heartstrings even after all these years?

Most families have traditions during Christmas. May it be exchanging gifts, bringing family food favorites for the Christmas potluck dinner, and even playing fun and silly games on Christmas day.

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Kids look forward to their birthdays since it’s one of the two most important days of the year (read: receiving gifts!). And their faces are usually a sight to see as they open excitedly all those presents.

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Aside from the exciting egg hunts, another thing that the young ones look forward to during Easter are the gifts. An Easter gift basket for kids can include toys, chocolates, baked goodies, and personalized stuff. For adults, it may have scented candles, luxe toiletries, homemade foodstuffs, and chocolates (of course!).

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Gift of Time

Perhaps one of the most precious gift you can ever give someone is your gift of time. It’s one thing you can never get back once gone. There’s no exchange, no refund, and definitely, no rewind. It comes with no price tag because your gift of time is priceless. So take the opportunity to gift your loved ones with quality time with you.

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Precious Gift

A precious gift is one that is priceless. It can be the moment that you held your son or daughter for the very first time. It could be you flying to your parents’ home to celebrate Thanksgiving. It can even be a simple message asking you if you’re okay while you’re in the middle of a battle nobody knows about. It’s those moments, gestures, and people that are really precious.

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What kind of gift do you want to showcase? You can create your own custom gift with these three gift preset shapes (they are good for PaintShop Pro 9 and up).

Simply click HERE to get these three presets.

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