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When we say vintage, it’s usually something (or someone) dating from the past - antique, old-fashioned, or classic.

An old photo is almost always a favorite subject of a vintage layout. But sometimes, even the most contemporary image can look old-fashioned with the right embellishments.

Black and white, faded, sepia toned, and a few other color techniques done on pages are also another way to give off that vintage vibe. Below are some pages that took ‘vintage’ to a whole new level.

Memories of Decades Past

Another way to say vintage is retro - retro music, retro fashion, retro movies. You can do a themed page dedicated to the Roaring 20s or the Fab 50s. A vintage item can also be the focal point of your next layout. Remember the Super 8 camera, the bell bottom jeans, even the cassette tapes - all these bring forth tons of memories from decades past.

Layout by Jennifer
Layout by Mary Fran

Old Photos

Of course, you certainly won’t go wrong going vintage with old photos because they are the epitome of anything vintage. A moment in time forever captured on film and decades later, finds its way to be the main subject of a heartwarming scrapbook page.

Layout by Anajul
Layout by Majken


Dainty and pretty, doilies are more than just pieces of paper or fabric that serve as protection from scratches and spills. They can also be used as scrapbooking elements. Since doilies were used way before coasters became popular, they can be considered as old-fashioned. Plus, they just add that touch of classical beauty to any page, don’t you think?

Layout by Betty
Layout by Kim
Layout by Rachie babe


The only way we grow old is with the passage of time. We are older today than yesterday, and we are younger now than tomorrow. Without time, we won’t be able to tell our age, whether we are young or old. And to measure time, we have a clock - a favorite element in vintage themed pages.

Layout by Lil
Layout by Kim
Layout by Rachie Babe


Laces were thought to have been first made some time in the 15th century in Europe. These were first used in the church as garments used as ceremonial garments. When Queen Victoria used lace extensively in her wedding in the 1800s, lace became a very popular fashion item even until today. Using lace in a layout gives it that vintage Victorian flair.

Layout by Bev
Layout by Kim
Layout by Rachie Babe


You can use flowers on any layout. But using the right kind of floral embellishments can set the tone for your layout; maybe it’s a vintage wallpaper design or old-fashioned flowers.

Layout by Lisa
Layout by Anat

Do you have photos of some vintage objects? Or maybe some old photos that would be suitable for a vintage display? How about some laces to embellish your project?

Simply click HERE to get these three full-length laces.

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  1. Thank you for laces, I have scanned old photos of my parents, and I would like to make some vintage creations. I try to collect as many vintage elements as possible to start.

  2. Thanks, Cassel. The laces are a sheer delight. I have just scored some very old family photos because my daughter is heavily into Genealogy so I am going to be creating some vintage scrapbook pages. The layouts are lovely and very inspirational. <3

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