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Did you move a lot? Or did you stay at one house till you moved out? What is your dream house?

While a house is just a building and the people living in it have the power to make it into a home, all of us have an idea of our dream house would be like. You may want it modern, rustic, tropical, or even Mediterranean-inspired.

There are many designs you can choose from. One thing is for sure though, you would want your dream house to comfortable, secured, and a place where you can truly say home sweet home.

Here are some layouts to inspire and finally urge you to get started on that house-theme page you’ve been putting off.

First House

For new families, the first house is always a memorable one, full of firsts! The house becomes a bit too crowded as the family grows or maybe life-changing decisions like accepting a better job in a different city are just a couple of the most common reasons why most people have to say goodbye to their first house.

How did your first house look like? What was your favorite part of it?

Layout by Shelley
Layout by Kim

House Hunting

House hunting - you love and hate it at the same time. Loving the idea of looking around for the ideal house but hating it because you need to be thinking about a million things all at once!

House hunting can be quite overwhelming, but at the end of the day, you look forward to moving in to a new space ready to be transformed into a cozy home.

Layout by Meagan
Layout by Donna

Just Moved In

Ah, moving in! Those were the days of boxes and boxes of things that made you realize how much stuff you actually hoard, er, own!

Layout by Robin
Layout by Meagan
Layout by Paula

Under Construction

Whether building from the ground up or renovating or adding a new room to your house, creating a space that will become your sanctuary does bring those happy jitters, doesn’t it?

Layout by Liz
Layout by Erin

My Happy Place

Our house is our safe haven. The place where we rest, unwind, and enjoy some downtime after a hard day’s work. A place full of people and things we love. A place where our privacy is priority.

Layout by Paddy
Layout by Kerstin

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Well, need we say more? Home is where the heart is because that it the truth.

Layout by Beth
Layout by Anne

Beach Houses

Have you ever dreamed of owning a beach house? You wake up to the sunrise over the horizon. Sip wine as you watch the sky over the sea at night. Sink your feet in the sand and walk along the coast looking at the sun as it goes down.

Layout by Shannon

Movie House

How fun would it be to actually be on the set of a movie? Okay, maybe not as the cameras are rolling, but in a house where a movie, TV series, or documentary has been filmed? Pretty cool, right?

Layout by T-towngirl


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