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Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.

Would you agree?

I bet you would! Some of your best childhood memories were those spent with grandpa and grandma and the times they spoilt you rotten with gifts, love, and attention. And those moments are great ideas for scrapbook pages.

Below are several layouts you can take inspiration from!

Four Generations

It’s not common to have four living generations in the family. Some of us have never met their great-grandparents and great grand uncles/aunts. Did you have the privilege to have met yours?

A heritage page featuring all four generations is definitely one for the (scrap)books!

Layout by Kathy


Grandparents’ Day

Though we shouldn’t need a specific day in the year to celebrate our grandparents, it’s still an awesome way to show them our love and appreciation. Do you have family traditions during this special day?

Layout by Pam


Layout by Linda


Proud (Grand)Parents

Without a granddaughter or grandson, they would be no grandparent. Those little bundles of joy bring so much love from old hearts that did not know they still have so much more to give.

Are you are a grandparent yet?

Layout by Judy


Layout by Judy


Layout by Susi


Layout by Deanna


Celebrating 50 Years

Many of us hope to be able to celebrate 50 years with the one we love - and being witness to such kind of loving relationship is very inspiring. Grandparents are fountains of wisdom and all you need to do is ask. They’ve been there, they know, and they can help, just ask.

Layout by Carrie


Do you have some pictures of your grandparents or your parents with your children? Here is a simple but elegant quick page you can use to display them. This page has enough space to add the title you want in the language you want, and room for a little story too.

Simply click HERE to get that quick page.

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