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A day at the beach - whether you’re just soaking in the sun, exploring the shore, dipping in the water, or building sand castles - is always a day to remember!

Do you have a memory at the beach that you really treasure? Maybe you even had a beach wedding! Or maybe it was a family vacation at a tropical island getaway.

What is your favorite thing to do at the beach? Below are some layouts all centered around a trip to the beach. They can be great inspirations for your next page!

Beach Vacation

Most of us dream of a grand vacation in some exotic, luxurious island resort. While some may be very lucky for their dream vacation to come true, most of us will be happy for a weekend beach holiday. When was the last time you went for a beach holiday?

Layout by Jana


Beach = sun, sand, surf.

Surfing is actually an Olympic sport with different divisions. It’s not just a hobby for some beach lovers. Surfing has been around for a long, long time being a favorite past time of Pacific islanders. Have you ever tried surfing?

Layout by Chigirl
Layout by Deanna
Layout by Kerstin
Layout by Sylvia

Beach Comber

Don’t you just love to follow the coastline looking at the wonderful creatures that live in these parts? You can see different shells, small crabs and other crustaceans, even seaweeds. Fishes can also get stranded in tide pools. You can also find beautiful sea stars and sea birds on the beach.

However, it’s important to never take anything. You can look (and maybe touch), but please don’t take anything. For sure, you can take as much photos as you want!

Layout by Stacey
Layout by Justine


Life beyond the beach, under the sea is so different yet very fascinating. You can discover a whole new world below the waves when you go snorkeling or free diving. Have you ever tried snorkeling? What wonders of the sea did you see?

Layout by Angie

Sand Castles

Kids can build anything! And the beach is the perfect place to get those creative juices flowing freely as they build sand castles of every shape and size.

Layout by Mary

Kite Flying

The beach is also a great place to fly kites. Since sea breeze is a constant force, those kites are going to fly high for sure!

Layout by Jenny

Footprints in the Sand

Just walking down the beach, sinking your feet in the sand, and feeling the rise and fall of the waves on your ankles while staring into the horizon and breathing in the salty air - it’s oddly therapeutic.

Layout by Cindy
Layout by Henriëtte
Layout by Stephanie

A bit of sand between the toes is always a great reminder of the beach. If you are working on a beach-related project, why not add a title with these sandy letters? You get a full alpha so you can write the name of the beach or the people you went with.

Simply click HERE to get this beach alpha.

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