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Ah, graduations! These are definitely milestones that must have a page (or several) pages in your scrapbook. Better yet, have one dedicated entirely to graduations!

Graduations mark the end of another stage of learning, yet it also welcomes the beginning of a new chapter in one’s life. A pre-K graduation ushers in independence as primary school begins; graduating from middle school also means emotional and physical changes are underway; a high school graduation marks the coming of age as an adult; and graduating college means you are now equipped to cope when reality bites.

Let’s take a look at different graduation pages and take inspiration from them for your next project.

Vintage Graduation Photos

Back before digital cameras and smartphones, photos were not as easy to come by as today. Photographers were commissioned then to take photos of important occasions. Have you seen your parents’ or grandparents’ graduation photos?

Layout by PAMemoryKeeper

Kindergarten Graduation

The first ever graduation to one’s pursuit of knowledge and wisdom. Those little hands clutching a piece of paper may one day hold a patient’s hand, shake another CEO’s hand, guide a little hand to write, or even sign a presidential decree.

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Grade 8 Graduation

Off to junior high they are! And that’s when you realize they are not kids anymore but teenagers; teenagers who are also undergoing a huge change as they discover who they are, their passions, their goals and the reality that is called life.

Layout by Cindy
Layout by Dianne

High School Graduation

Graduating from high school means being of legal age, the perks and responsibilities of being an adult now weighs heavily on the shoulders. Some are ecstatic to leave high school life behind, some apprehensive of what college may bring, and others go straight to the workforce to tackle life head on.

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College Graduation

Do you remember how you felt during your college graduation? Finally, all the struggles have paid off. All those sleepless nights, part-time jobs and gigs, and everything else in between have culminated to a piece of paper stating that you have completed a baccalaureate program. You are now well equipped to go out in the world and find your own special place.

Layout by Tisha

Post Baccalaureate Graduation

Learning never ends. A college diploma may just be another stepping stone to more knowledge. Have you ever thought about pursuing a post graduate degree?

Layout by Bethany

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