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When the sun is finally out shining, the birds are singing on tree branches, and the first blooms of spring are filling the air with their sweet fragrance, you know it’s the perfect day to be out and have a picnic.

Where are your favorite picnic spots? What are your favorite foods to bring? Are picnics part of your family’s traditions?

Grassy Picnic

Find a nice patch of grassy plain to set up your blanket and basket. You can lie down and watch the clouds. Kids especially love sitting down on the grass and goof around. For sure, there are a lot of memories you treasure with those grassy picnics!

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Picnic at the Park

The local park is perhaps the most favorite picnic spot for many of us - and why not? Most have picnic benches, grilling stations, running water, restrooms, and garbage bins - all of which make your picnic experience comfortable, safe and fun!

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Food Trucks

Enjoy a variety of great food without the hassle of preparing them only at food truck parks! These are also great places to gather with family and friends and spend quality time together.

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Beach Picnic

A picnic at the beach is always a time to remember! A blanket on the sand, cool drinks in the basket, salty breeze from the sea - ah that is the life! Do you lie down to soak up the sun, walk down the coast to collect shells, or hit the water right away? Which beach was your picnic getaway on weekends?

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County Fair Picnic

County fairs are fun affairs! There’s so much to see! And so much more to do! Like going on  a picnic on fair grounds.

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Teddy Bear Picnic

And of course, the young ones simply cannot do without their own teddy bear picnics! Have you hosted a few of these cute picnics in your own home?

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