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Were your childhood trips included those to the farm? Maybe your family owns a farm, or you love to visit one that has a lot of animals. Which farm animal was your favorite? Do you take your kids to farm trips too?

Whether you are a frequent visitor or you live on a farm, the animals and crops are definitely interesting inspirations for scrapbook pages, digital or not.

The following are awesome pages that will give you more ideas for your next layouts:


Where did you first ride a horse? I bet it was on a farm! Though most horses are farm pets, they are also hard working farm animals. Farmers ride horses to herd sheep and cattle. When farm terrain is especially rocky or hilly, horses are usually the main mode of transport for farmers.

Layout by Bethany
Layout by Julie
Layout by Gentlewood Farms
Layout by Gentlewood Farms
Layout by Gentlewood Farms


What is a farm without these feathered residents? Chickens are raised for both their meat and eggs. Those that are raised mainly for their meat are known as broilers, and those for their eggs are layers. Some chickens are raised in barns, others are allowed to roam around the farm and are called free-range chickens.

Layout by Rochelle


Cows are grown and raised mainly for meat and milk, but there are cattle farms that also produce leather and manure for fertilizer and fuel. Have you tried milking a cow? That’s one for the books, for sure!


Layout by Cdjohnson


Pigs are raised for their meat, but some farms allow pigs to roam free and convert the soil to rich land with their rooting behaviour. And of course, some farms have pet pigs that will never take a trip to the butcher!

Layout by Beatrice
Layout by Chili


Goats keep the farm from being overgrown with grass and weeds. Aside from being the farm's natural grass-cutter, goats can also be sold for their meat, milk, and wool. The cute little kids (the young goats, not THE kids) are also great for petting.

Layout by PekoChan
Layout by Beatrice

Farm Life

Ah, life on the farm. It’s not for everyone, and it’s not for the fainthearted either. It’s for people who love animals. Those who love to work with their hands and wouldn’t mind being under the sun on the fields.

Layout by Rochelle
Layout by Beatrice
Layout by Beatrice

Farm Help

Of course, you just got to take a shot of the little farm hands that have come to help!

Layout by Natalie
Layout by Natalie
Layout by Erin
layout by Beatrice

How about some bales of hay that you can add as an accent on your farm-related project? This is a set of 6 picture tubes that you can use to pile up some bales of hay either in the background or in the foreground as an accent. This set also includes one tube that you can use to fill a larger area of hay.

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