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If you love watching birds in their natural environment, you are usually known as a bird watcher and this hobby also mean you love taking pictures of the birds in the wild. Creating pages out of those shots is a great way to catalog all the different species you have seen so far.

And of course, if you just happen to snap a shot of a magnificent bird, what better way to document it than creating a scrapbook page?

Below are some layouts you can take inspiration from the next time you come across a feathered friend or bird of prey.


If you live in somewhere in the North America, chances are you’ve seen a cardinal at least once. These bright red birds are non-migratory so you won’t see them flying to southern skies in the winter. In fact, you’ll probably see them in your backyard all year round.

In Native American beliefs, seeing a cardinal means good luck.

Layout by Pam
Layout by Ruth
Layout by Cynthia


Owls are magnificent birds of prey that hunt at night. They are well adapted for stealth. They can be found all around the globe except in Antarctica and some remote islands. Owls have been associated with wisdom.

Layout by Ruth

Bird Feeder

Do you leave a bird feeder out your backyard, especially in winter? The weather can be harsh in winter so putting out and filling up a bird feeder can help birds and other small animals survive.

You can put different kinds of seeds depending on the bird species found in your area. However, the most typical bird seeds you will find are those that have millet, sunflower, safflower, Niger seed, rapeseed, and canola seed.

Layout by Rae

Bird Sanctuary

It’s crucial that we help protect and conserve the natural habitats of wild animals, including birds. An area that has been declared as a bird sanctuary ensures that all animals in that territory are protected by law against poachers and other illegal activities. Have you ever been to a bird sanctuary?

Layout by Lynne
Layout by Linda

Bird Pets

Some people get dogs. Others love cats. Still, others love reptiles. And some prefer feathered pets. Are you a bird person?

Birds are quite low maintenance pets though caring for them is largely dependent on the species. Make sure they have a large enough cage to stretch their wings and bird food suited for their diet.

Layout by Justine
Layout by Kathy

Bird Houses

You can invite wild birds to roost - and possibly nest - near your home if you build a birdhouse of them. Get the kids involved by allowing them to paint the birdhouse and choose the perfect spot to put it. You’ll have feathered friends living in the birdhouse in no time.

Layout by Deanna

State Birds

Countries, states, and territories almost always have a state bird that symbolizes them. Most of the time, these state birds are endemic species to that specific area. Do you know your state bird? It would be a great idea for a layout!

Layout by Lynne

Other Birds

Birds usually mean freedom, the ability of flight, but they can mean more than that to. There’s a lot you can associate with birds, whether all you have a random shots. Check out the different layouts below that all focus on various species of birds.

Layout by Ruth
Layout by Ariane
Layout by Lou
Layout by Scraping4fun25


Do you have some bird photos? Do you plan on capturing those feathered friends attitude into a layout? Here is a set of two bird cage preset shapes to be used in your Paintshop Pro. They will create a vector shape and you can resize them to what you need, maybe to catch the bird inside, or just to use as an added element on your project.

Simply click HERE to get those presets.

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  1. Wow! There is some awesome people here. What talent you all have! These are some beautiful examples of bird layouts. I don’t know which I like most. I tend to favor the cardinals in my everyday bird watching because they can be difficult to pin down for closeups. Usually, as I garden, my camera is nearby at all times. Lovely work everyone. Thanks for the freebie bird cages Cassel. Have a beautiful day!

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