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DeviantArt has been a staple in resources for various graphic artists. Some artists use this platform to showcase their art, or sell it, but it is also a great place to find some resources and supplies that you can use with your graphic program. Of course, everything is not suitable for Paintshop Pro, but don't discount this site!


If you are looking for some new patterns and tiles to add to your Paintshop Pro, DeviantArt has a large selection of them. Since PSP uses any .jpg or .png image, you have a wide choice of patterns. You can get some wood patterns, nature patterns, glitter patterns. You'll have quite a few to select from! Check this section.


If you want larger images to create a background, you can use some of their textures. You can also combine them to create something new that would be matching your project.


Although you can create your own gradients with PSP and with the newest versions, it has become easier, sometimes, you just want to have a stock of ready-made gradients to pick from. DeviantArt has quite a few of them that you can download. Check out this section. Installing gradients is extremely simple: unzip the folder and then point your PSP to it. That's all! And you'll have all new gradients to play with!


Although you can find Paintshop Pro brushes on DeviantArt, you also can find Photoshop brushes (those are more numerous) and since you can import .abr brushes in Paintshop Pro, you have the best of both world as it multiplies the resources you can use.

What else will you find and use on that site?

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