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You may or may not celebrate the Chinese New Year, but it sure is celebrated in many parts of the world and your city may be one of such places!

Did you know that there are 12 different animals in the Chinese zodiac? The new year ushers in a new sign for the next 12 months and this year will be the year of the dog. The Chinese New Year will be celebrated on February 16th.

Chinese New Year Parade

Like with most festivals, the Chinese New Year starts off with a colorful, boisterous parade down the main street. It usually features brightly colored costumes, lion and dragon dancers, and of course, fireworks and firecrackers.

Layout by Laura


First Day of the New Year

The first day of the new year is full of activity! One Chinese New Year tradition is dressing up in new clothes and greeting each other a happy new year. Young people visit their elders to wish them health and longevity.

Layout by Sharon


Year of the Dragon

The latest year of the dragon that we celebrated was last 2012. People born in the year of the Dragon are powerful, brave, and kind-hearted. However, they also tend to be conceited, tactless, and quick-tempered.

Layout by Tracy


Layout by Diane


Year of the Horse

Four years ago was the last time we celebrated the year of the horse, and the next will be on 2026. Wise, discreet, and attractive are some of the positive attributes that people born under the horse sign are said to have.

Layout by Julie


Year of the Monkey

We celebrated year of the monkey just two years ago. Those born under the monkey sign are said to be intelligent, confident, charismatic, and loyal; but they can also be arrogant, impatient, and snobbish.

Layout by Lynne


Year of the Dog

And of course, 2018 being the year of the dog, a collection of layouts featuring these furry pets must be in order. It is said that the dog is the symbol of honesty, frankness and loyalty. People born in the year of the dog are honest and just. They are also popular in their social circles.

Layout by Wendy


Layout by staciahall


Layout by Christy


Layout by GentlewoodFarms


Layout by Coreen


Layout by Linda
Layout by Cindy


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