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Do you love cooking? Or perhaps you are not quite gifted translating recipes into delicious dishes, but you certainly love to eat! Or maybe a batch of cookies just reminds you of a wonderful memory.

Whatever it may be, you might want to keep a copy of the recipe for yourself. And what better way to do just that than creating a quick page, like what these scrappers have done.


Create a nice page of your favorite recipe or maybe that first dish you perfected or a happy accident of a meal that you surprised your family with. Take inspiration from these.

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Chocolate Recipes

Who doesn't love chocolates? Who doesn't have a favorite chocolate recipe? Here's what you can do with your fave recipes (and yes, first one's in French!).

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Recipes for Little Chefs

Have you started cooking and baking at a young age? Or maybe your little one is interested in helping you around the kitchen. There are very simple recipes that little chefs can practice on; after all, it's always a good idea to start them young once they show interest in something.

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Grandma's Recipes

Grandmas are treasure troves of awesome recipes! The smell just reminds you of fond childhood memories and the taste brings back so many beautiful memories. Do you have a favorite recipe handed down from your grandma?

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Recipe for Love and Happiness

But of course, not all recipes are for the taste buds. Sometimes, there are also recipes to make the heartstrings sing and the chords of happiness resonate. What is your recipe for love and happiness?

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Do you have a favorite recipe you would like to share or document for yourself in a fun way? Here is a quick page that you can use to add the whole recipe and a single photo of the end result (or someone enjoying it!).

Simply click HERE if you want to get this page.

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