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Family will always be family, even if some of us have crazy relatives (maybe we are the crazy ones!). Family are people who stick with you through the good times and, especially, the bad.

You laugh and cry together. No distance seem so great to connect with each other. Days could become months turning into years, but when you see each other again, seems like no time has passed.

What was your favorite family tradition? Do you have a memory you smile at every time you remember? Have you ever tried creating a family tree?

Family Portrait

Many of us may have family portraits; after all, posing for them have become a tradition in most families. This can be under the Christmas tree, around the Thanksgiving table, or one shot by a professional photographer. Family portraits are sometimes recreated year after year and the differences in the 12 months that have passed can be incredible.

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Family Travel

The family that travels together, stays together. Going on an adventure, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures, creating new memories together are sure to strengthen the bond that holds a family together. These memories are moments you will surely look back for years to come.

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Good Food with Great People

And of course, the best times are those spent with good food and great people! Conversations over delicious foods are some of the best we may ever have, don’t you agree?

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Extended Family

When was the last time you had a get-together with the whole clan? Do you look forward to those family reunions? Such occasions are great opportunities to meet the rest of your extended family. You may be passing each other on the street and not recognize one another! You may be lining up next to each other on the checkout counter and not know!

Tracing your roots and knowing your grandparents also warms the heart. They usually have great wisdom to share if you are willing to listen.

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Furry Family

And then, there are the furry family members. Pets that are considered to be part of our families and are treated as such. Have you grown up with a family pet? Do you have one (or two or maybe a dozen) today?

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You probably have some photos of family gathering, or maybe individual photos of each person in your family, so here is a quick page that you can use to place 4 photos, and there is also room for you to tell a story about those people or that particular event.

Simply click HERE if you want to get this page.

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