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Even after throwing caution to the wind, accidents can still happen. Nothing can prepare us for them, sometimes it’s just a stroke of bad luck. But sometimes, those accidents are happy ones that make us laugh.

Children are quite accident prone, and those bumps and bruises teach them lessons that help them grow. Booboos are cute, but trips to the ER definitely are not!

What was the most memorable accident that happened to you? Did it require a hospital visit, or just a Band Aid?

Road Accident

Road accidents are scary, that’s why it’s very important to follow traffic rules and practice safe driving at all times. However, when you’re still trying to learn how to ride a bike, bumps and bruises are easy to come by - and these are usually battle scars we show off to our friends later.

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That Knife Is Sharp!

Carving a pumpkin is not as easy as it looks, and with a sharp knife, accidents can happen. Making jack o’ lanterns need some special skills and a whole lot of care with the knife. Have you tried carving a pumpkin?

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Bumps and Bruises

The little ones are almost always bumping into something. Unsure little steps of babies starting to walk to the carefree strides of kids curious to see what’s out there, you make sure you have a handy supply of bandages, just in case.

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And because they are curious, kids don’t take kindly to warnings, and find out sooner than later their mistake. Another lesson learned, that’s for sure!

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(Un)lucky Streak

There are some things that happen so often you can't decide if they are just accidents or you've been dealt an unlucky hand.

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Happy Accidents

Happy accidents are memories you’d like to cherish. Perhaps you found a special spot after accidentally getting lost in the forest, or you cooked the most delicious casserole because you accidentally added the wrong ingredient.

Was there a happy accident that changed your life?

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Do you have any accident related photos you want to share? A serious accident or a funny one? Kids are prone to accidents so maybe you already have some pictures.

If the date is important, you can use those Accident Digits to write it. Or if something happened during a birthday party, this might be a fun way to feature which birthday it was.

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