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Typically, a scrapbook page will include a title. It is not mandatory but it is quite common. But what kind of title could you use? In fact, the decision is made difficult mainly because there are so many possible options that it is hard to pick only one. Sometimes, we have certain preferences and tend to use the same type of title, but there are many more. How about exploring new ideas for your next project?

Place and date

Those titles are pretty standard and quite common, where the designer will title their page with the location that is featured and the date. And that is a good idea for a particular trip, a special visit or a vacation project.

It is important to keep track of places and dates as we know it, our memory will fail over time. Furthermore, it will be details that viewers will likely wonder. If you don't use the place and date as a title, at least, include it somewhere else on your project.

Song title or lyrics

While a scrapbook page might suggest a simple or catchy phrase, those might remind us of a song, whether it is the actual title of a song or some of the lyrics. There are so many song titles that can be used that you have an endless supply of ideas. Sometimes, the connection is obvious, while other times, it is more subtle. Either way, it is easy enough to find one title for your page.

Play on words

Although these might not be suitable for every layout, occasionally, one will come up as being the perfect title. Play on words could be the use of a particular word in a different meaning for the story that is told, or it could be a homonym. Of course, some play on words might be hard to "get" by an outsider who is not familiar with the particular situation. If that is the case, you might want to add the explanation in the journaling so that subtlety is understood.


Name of a game

Whether it is a board game or another type of game, you can occasionally make a play on word with it if the photo or the story somehow relates to that name. In this example, the game consists in a base sentence "Je pars en voyage et dans ma valise, j'apporte..." ("I'm going on vacation and in my suitcase, I bring...") that includes a new item added for each person who takes a turn. Now, isn't that a perfect match for this photo?



This is probably one of the most common types of title and although it might not seem too "original", it still fits the project very well and therefore, it becomes part of the page as if it were meant to be. The title could describe the person, the action, a feeling, a place, an event, a thought, etc. It could be a longer title or a shorter one, but either way, it is all about the photos or the story.

Phrase, expression or idiom

Sometimes, a catchy phrase might be just what you need. Those phrases are a bit like song title; they are familiar to the viewer and complement the photos or the story very well. There are literally thousands of phrases you can find for your layout, so there is never a shortage of ideas.

If you want to find ideas for a title for your layout, you can do a simple Google search with "your word idioms", like "suitcase idioms" or "cake idioms" and you will get a few references (often some dictionary pages) where you can find many options!

What are other ways you choose your titles? Share in the comments below and we might collate your suggestions into an upcoming blog post.


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