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Along with food and shelter, clothing is one of man's most basic needs. From plants and animal hides, clothes has come a very long way today. You can find articles of clothing made from different materials like cotton, wool, silk and twill. The colors come from all over the spectrum with the options for patterns and prints that seem to be endless! And of course, there are clothes of different styles to fit all shapes and sizes.

This month's theme is all about clothing and how it has inspired fellow scrappers, both digi scrappers and paper scrappers, to create layouts that feature a new outfit or a special dress.


Before a dress came to be, it was first a roll of fabric and for some of us, collecting different types of fabrics (and a mandatory trip to the textile store) is a stress reliever. I mean, who can say no to all those prints and textures! And of course, you just got to scrap it!

Layout by Cindy
Layout by Rebecca


Now after you have your fabric of choice, next would be to work on it and make something you can wear. Do you remember your first sewing attempt? What was your first successful sewing project?

Layout by Memex9
Layout by Tina

New Clothes

New clothes are always a great thing, whether it's comfy sweater, a great pair of pants, or just a pair of socks. There's just that nice and fuzzy feeling when wearing new clothes, isn't it?

And when new clothes have a special meaning attached to them, say a gift or a custom fit for a formal occasion, then a layout must be created around that theme! What was your favorite pair of pants?

Layout by Susi

Matching Outfits

Mother-daughter outfits are quite the thing these days - and they're so cute! Matching outfits are really photogenic, and of course, they also look good on a scrapbook page! Do you have matching outfits with your daughter/son/hubby too?

Layout by Peggy

All Dressed Up

Most of us don't get the chance to dress up every day. We usually do on Sundays or on special occasions like weddings and birthdays. When was the last time you dressed up?

It's especially cute to the young ones all prim and proper in their suits and dresses since they always love to get their hands (and everything else) dirty!

Layout by Elizabeth
Layout by Allison
Layout by Susan
Layout by Lorraine

Prom Dress

Do you remember your prom night? What did you wear? I bet you looked lovely, and your date was just as dashing! All those memories came rushing back for sure!

And of course, a prom dress definitely deserves a page in your scrapbook! Do you still have a picture of yourself back then? Or maybe you'd want to do a layout for your daughter, granddaughter, or niece.

Layout by Lor
Layout by Tracy

Retail Therapy

Who doesn't love shopping for clothes and shoes and bags? When you're feeling down, retail therapy can help you feel better - do you agree?

For some of us, shopping is a tradition - back to school, Black Friday, and holiday. These are also the time when stores offer great deals and awesome sales.

Layout by Lor
Layout by Sharon
Layout by Mandy

OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)

Just in case you don't know what that means, OOTD is short for outfit of the day. Here are some OOTD-inspired layouts that may just inspire you to make your own!

Our clothes definitely help us create a first impression that lasts so make sure you make a statement that portrays who you really are!

Layout by Lor
Layout by Lisa
Layout by Betty

Have you ever done a layout or project, all around clothes? A favorite piece of clothing of yours? Or that odd looking tie you got for Christmas? or that cute outfit for a young child? Or how about the time when your child decided to play dress up with grown-up clothes? If you have not thought about it, go for it now.

In order to customize your layout about clothes, you can create cutouts from different shapes, or use those shaped to add some journaling information.

Simply click HERE if you want to get these shapes. Since they are preset shapes, you can make them any size you want, and they will not get distorted or jaggied.

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