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We are all animals, but what differentiates humans from other species is our ability to communicate using a language, both in written and oral forms.

And we use a whole variety of methods to communicate. This post is going to provide the most common ways we reach out to other people and give you some ideas on how you can create scrapbook pages around this theme.


Back in the time where internet and cell phones didn't exist, the best to communicate with others who were living some distance away was through good ol’ letters that you mailed at the post office! Relatives from across the country would get in touch by mail. Pen pals from other countries exchanged letters - and culture through post.

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Aside from London Bridge, Big Ben and the Thames, another icon of the British capital are the red phone booths that dot the city. However, only a few are left today, and tourists must simply have their picture taken in or beside one when in London.

When telephones at home were a luxury of the rich, these telephone boxes made it easy for people to communicate.

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Mail time was exciting, at least back when there was not as much junk mail. You shifted through the letters from the mailbox to see what treasures awaited!

But now that snail mail is not as popular, some teachers have brought this excitement to their classrooms and students learn to write and post letters - and then, the fun begins when they finally receive their mail.

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Technology has made it so much easier to talk to family and friends! Everyone seems to be just one call away! So much so that mobile phones are a must-have, even kids know how to use one.

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Calls are not just audio calls these days, but video calls (even group calls!). With a touch of a few (keypad) buttons you can easily see and hear the person on the other line! For as long as you have internet connection, you can call anyone on your contact list even those from the other side of the world.

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However, even with the help of technology, nothing beats personal interaction. So much more is said when you are talking to someone in person. No technology can ever top that!

A date with your significant other or a night out your best friends is the best way to talk, create memories, and just enjoy each other’s company.

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Good food makes for a great opportunity to have some quality time together with family and friends. Quality time also means time to talk and communicate. A lot of plans are made over a hearty dinner, just as many conflicts are resolved after a nice lunch.

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And those little notes that communicate how special that person is and much you appreciate them, those little notes are very powerful expressions of love.

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What is your favorite mean of communication? Who do you chat with? What do you talk about?

If you want to illustrate some fun conversations that might not be available in graphic format, you can always recreate them using some of those fun speech bubbles. Simply click HERE if you want to get these bubbles. All of them are in black only but I'll show you how you can change that to make them more coordinated with your own project.

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