Gold Star – Ann

This month, we are meeting someone who calls herself "our biggest fan". She has been a member in the Campus since 2015. She has recently discovered the scripts in Paintshop Pro and is having a lot of fun with them!

Can you tell us a bit about you?

Hello, my name is Ann. I have a full life with a wonderful husband of 47 years, two grown children, two grandchildren, and two aging moms. Born in Texas in 1950 I now spend about half of the year there and half in Colorado. We retired to a lake in south central Texas about 10 years ago and then built a vacation home in CO about 3 years ago. We are active in fishing, hiking, and off road ATVing, jet skiing, and snow skiing. I am also an avid quilter and avid scrapbooker. Such busy lives produce many, many pictures each year.

I have always loved our photos and have thousands of them going back to our ancestors. From the beginning, I kept photos in scrapbooks. When traditional paper scrapping began, I scrapped all of the old photos. My daughter always made scrapbooks and so it was only natural that she and I would begin using the 12x12 paper scrapbooks when they became available. I have over 1000 chronologically paper scrapped pages.

How did you get to work with PSP?

Around 2003 my daughter began digital photography and digital scrapping. She had an available program through her work. I bought Corel Paintshop Pro and we were off and running with the digital world of scrapbooking. I am using X9 and love it.

One huge undertaking I am currently doing involved taking my tripod apart and rearranging it so that I could attach my camera aimed downward. With the tripod on a table, I lay my paper scrapped pages on a white card and snap a shot (in natural lighting). I now have a digital record stored in the bank vault in the event something were to happen to my originals. I also scanned the individual pictures before I ever scrapped them so have that as a record, too. Corel allows me to correct many of the flaws in the old pictures, even though they have been scrapped.

How did you get to join the Campus?

I believe I found Cassel through her videos on YouTube. I was immediately drawn to her attention to detail and great ability in explaining how best to use my Corel program. I loved her scripts and making it possible for me to perfectly adjust my pages, elements, etc. to color match my photos. Also, I can make just about any element I can think of using her scripts and instructions. I think I own most of her marvelous scripts and am going to purchase more soon.

My earliest personal contact with her involved me asking her to make a script to put white edges around my photos after they were placed digitally on my 12 x 12" page and enlarged or shrunk to my liking. She did so immediately and I use that lovely little script on 99% of my scrapped pages. In the Campus, I became a Diamond member as soon as it was available and am thrilled with my membership. It allows me to download and watch her videos whenever I have the time. I have also printed many of the notes available with the videos.

I love the fact that if I have any questions about using Corel Paintshop Pro or any of Cassel's scripts, she is just an email away.

The Campus is full of tutorials, Labs, and Master Classes that give volumes of information and incredible detail. I have watched many of them several times and still refer back to different ones while I am looking for something special to put on a scrapbook page. Often, if I have some pictures that have me stumped about how they need to be scrapbooked, I just go into The Campus and scroll through the various videos and tutorials and almost instantly find something that I can use that will make my page special.

A funny thing recently happened. My daughter is a phenomenal digital scrapbooker. I never thought I would reach her level of scrapping, but when she looked at my most recent pages she said, "Oh, your scrapbooking is better than mine now." I was so impressed and I know I owe it all to Cassel and her instructions and ideas.

Lately, I haven't had a lot of time to scrap but am excited to pick it back up now. I will look at my pictures and then take a little stroll through The Campus to get the spark I need to get those pages done.

How about some projects you made?

Here are some.


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3 thoughts on “Gold Star – Ann”

  1. Hello Ann, Your project pages above look great. you must really enjoy scrapbooking to have done so much. What a joy it must be to have so many older photos of Family to put in those scrapbooks. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Hi Ann, how nice to read your story. Your pages are really nice, I am amazed at how many you have done. Having the tutorials and challenges from Cassel have encouraged me to do more scrapbook pages rather than cards and collages, now I am wishing I had more photos, particularly old ones of the family. Keep showing us your work, I’m sure we will all be inspired by it as we are by all the others who share with us.

  3. Hi, Ann, nice to meet you. 🙂

    Amazing how many paper scrapped pages you have done… 1000! It is really an achievement.
    I also have learned a lot with Cassel, not only about scrapping but also the PSP program.
    You have some really nice projects!

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