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The vast expanse of the sky holds many memories. The sunny days, the storms, the snowfall and the spring showers as well as the beautiful sunrise and the spectacular sunset – the sky is colorful but unpredictable.

A sudden rain spell may mean we are cooped up inside the house for the day. A windy day means kite flying and a sunny day would be the perfect day for the beach. Each day is a scrapbook waiting to happen.


Whether you are a passenger or the pilot, your first flight is definitely something you’d want to remember. Many people have the fear of flying. They can’t just wrap themselves with the thought of sitting in a chair thousands of miles above the Earth. For a first-time flier, you may be having butterflies in your stomach but after you got on that plane or helicopter and see the beauty all laid out before you, nothing could compare to the feeling!

Layout by Marina



Seeing a hot air balloon up in the sky is such an exciting thing to see! A burst of color against the bright blue sky on such a clear day is quite a sight and definitely one for the (scrap) books!

Layout by Mendi



Fireworks are spectacular as they light up the night sky and they are usually part of big celebrations like the New Year, Fourth of July, and different festivals. So make sure you take a couple of firework shots next time to include in your scrapbook.

Layout by Janeen



Young and old love to fly kites! Kite flying is a great time to bond with your family especially the kids. Making the kites is just half of the fun – flying them completes the experience!

Layout by DeannaJ
Layout by Nicole
kite flying
Layout by Kim



Mountain climbing is not just a nice way to get some exercise. It is also an awesome way to de-stress and relax. Breathing in the fresh mountain air, listening to nothing but the birds and wildlife, and simply enjoying the wonders of nature are sure ways to get rid of negative energy. And when you reach the top, the sky and the panoramic view will take your breath away!

Layout by Ann
Layout by Kaleena



The sky is a wonderful canvas, and sometimes it’s just so beautiful you can’t help but take a picture.

Layout by Kabra
Layout by Stephanie
Layout by Jenessa
Layout by Puddin Head
Layout by Deb
Layout by Jamie
Layout by Puddin Head



They say, aim high and reach the sky! And if you do fall short, you still land among the stars. Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams. Always work hard and do your best in everything, not because others expect nothing less from you, but because you want to be the best version of YOU!

Layout by Aly



Sometimes, the fastest way to go from point A to point B is by riding a cable car, and the best part of the ride is the view! You see the whole landscape from up above and can almost touch the clouds. It can be both exhilarating and terrifying, but you can surely feel the adrenaline rush!

Layout by Eileen



The beauty that reveals itself after a storm, and a reminder of that faithful promise. A rainbow is a wonderful spectacle that makes us smile, knowing that the storm has passed and the sun is out to shine again.

Layout by Puddin Head
Layout by Scrapdolly
Layout by SonjaC



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