Gold Star – Christine

This month, we will meet a member from the UK who is fairly quiet in the Campus but definitely joins in the fun (especially the live classes).

Can you tell us a bit about you?

My name is Christine Angell and I am known online as NewPeaches17. I am 53 years old. I live in a small village called Merstham in the South East of United Kingdom. I am Divorced with 2 beautiful Daughters who are in their 20's. I am a designer and I sell my products online. I have just started out as a Designer and as of yet, I haven't sold any of my work since I only started doing this in May of this year.

How did you get to work with PSP?

I just love working with Paintshop Pro. I started using PSP back in 2011 with version X3 and used to belong to 2 Yahoo teaching groups on learning how to use PSP. One was called Krissy's New Bees and that is still going. The other one was called Winnie's PSP Group Winnie did load of groups and I have done 5 of Winnie's groups over the years. I still belong to Winnie's Holiday Group and every month you are given a load of Holiday's tutorials from around the world to do. I don't really do scrapbooking as such but I love doing Picture tutorials online. I just love making Alpha's and Papers to sell via my online store.

How did you get to join the Campus?

Well here is how I found Scrapbook Campus: I was having a problem with a PSP script so I left a message on Corel Facebook page and Cassel answered the message so we got chatting via email and I just happen to mention Suz Shook script tutorials. Cassel emailed me back saying I know where you can get them and that is how I found Scrapbook Campus. I just love Cassel's live tutorial's as she has given me some techniques I haven't tried out on PSP before. I have been a DIAMOND member with Scrapbook Campus since 2016. Now I just love playing on PSP and if I need something I will check out to see if there is a tutorial on it, in the Campus.

How about some projects you made?

Here are some.


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  1. Hello Christine, you do beautiful work and thanks for showing us. Best wishes to you for a successful journey as a Designer and selling your products online. I agree with Cristina why not come and show us more of your work in the Campus Forum. it is always interesting to see what other folk do using PSP.

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