Theme – Backyard

There are so many things we can do in our backyard. We can have a small gathering there, parties, picnics and more. This is also where the kids play, have our own small garden or for some they have pools!

For June, we have interesting layouts where we feature our own backyard. Have a look at some of the layouts where they feature their own backyard.

Playing in the Backyard

Our kids' favorite place is our backyard, do you agree?

Layout by Justowen
Layout by Justine Hastie
Layout by Pam
Layout by Christine


Backyard Camping

They can go have they camping there too.

Layout by Pam


Family BBQ

Fun times with our family do happen in the backyard.

Layout by Bre


Backyard Wild Life

Beautiful wildlife visitors.

Layout by Elynnia


Unexpected Visitor

We know many of you might have had an unexpected visitor in your backyard.

Layout by Henri Jean
Layout by Marilou64
Layout by Yuko


Beautiful Backyard Scene

With these beautiful scenes in our backyard, who would not want to stay and capture those moments?

Layout by Minicooper452
Another by Minicooper452
Layout by Kabra


Do you have any photos of a fun family gathering around a barbecue? You might want to add a delicious title with this complete alphabet (only uppercase but it includes a hyphen too)

Simply click HERE to get your alphabet.

Don't forget to share your layouts in the forum too! We'd love to see how you use these burgers.

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