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Theme – Time

For this month, I can say that we’ve got a very interesting theme and that is time. Why interesting you say? Because you can have so many layouts with time as our theme.

You can create a timeline of your child school experience or of your marriage, a then and now of your teenage daughter and so much more.

But in real life, time is very important. Here are some layouts to give you inspiration in creating your next project.

Family Time

It could be spending time with family.

Layout by Kristina P.


Layout by Polly McMillan


Layout by Amanda Ulmer


Layout by Jennifer



A timeline of your child growing up.

Layout by Heather


Or a timeline of their school experiences.

Layout by Cecile


Then and now

Do you have older pictures of the same person, the same family, the same place? This is perfect to display a "then and now" contrast.

then and now
Layout by Jamie


Then and now
Layout by Debbie


Then and now
Layout by Keely


Do you want to create your own time related page very quickly? This quick page will be perfect for you as you can place 3 photos showing either a timeline, or time lapse. There is also plenty of room for a title and a story, which will be important with multiple photos.

Simply click HERE to get your quick page.

Don't forget to share your layouts too! We'd love to see how you use Time as the theme of your project!

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