Where to find fonts?

As a scrapbooker or a graphic artist, we seem to be drawn to fonts. New fonts always catch our attention and we need it! Some of us are admitted "font-oholic" as we are collecting hundreds or thousands of fonts. Maybe this post will just make you want even more? But otherwise, these sites can be good sources of material if you are looking for new fonts.

This is probably one of the most common site to find fonts. You get various categories so you can look for some specific types of fonts (like script, fancy, basic, dingbats or themed). All the fonts are free to download but they are still their authors' property so if you are using them for your own projects, you are probably ok, but if you want to use those fonts in kits that you will sell, check closely in the readme file that would come with font or check the author's site. Better safe than sorry!


Just like on other sites, you can choose a category of font and browse through the list. You can also enter the text you want to type and see what it would look like, using any particular font. That can be good as some fonts, although they look good in general, might not be as eye pleasing with some letter combinations. The fonts on this site are also free.


This site has thousands of free fonts, however, searching them is not as easy; all the fonts are simply organized alphabetically, and you have to choose which letter you want to browse. Overall it is not very user friendly, and the disclaimer mentions that those fonts are a collection of free fonts found elsewhere, so maybe you'll find your favorite fonts in other sites that are more user friendly.

1001 free fonts1001freefonts

As its name implies, this site is full of free fonts (and they definitely have more than just 1001!). Just like Dafont, you can choose a category and browse through them. This site has a few more "specific" themes for categories, so you can browse through Easter fonts, Halloween fonts, Christmas fonts, etc. Although all those fonts are free for personal use, you might need to pay for a license to use them commercially.

Kevin and Amandakevinandamanda

This site has fonts that are geared more toward scrapbooking or card making. The fonts are not in categories, so you just need to browse the site. Interestingly, they offer to turn your handwriting into a font, and in return, all those converted handwriting fonts are also available for download. But, if you want to create a font out of your own handwriting and you don't want to wait, check this blog post.

Scrapbooking fontsscrapbookingfonts

Obviously, as the title says, those fonts are mostly meant to be used in scrapbook (or card making) projects, and are likely not going to be the "corporate" type of fonts. They are free and you get several categories describing the type of fonts you can browse through. Again, those are free.


If you want to find fonts, you can definitely browse through those sites, but sometimes, having a LOT of choices make things so much harder to pick one. We want them all. And if we get them all, we also can't decide which one to use.

I find that Pinterest offers a great resource to browse interesting fonts, as you can search, using the keyword "fonts" (obviously), but then, you can add a theme or topic. That way, you can get to boards and pins for Christmas fonts, spring fonts, school fonts, creepy fonts and more. Getting fewer more specific fonts might help you pick the one you really need.

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