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When it comes to entertainment, nothing beats good old fashion games you can play with the whole family. Good clean fun is what it is and it comes in many various forms that guarantee a good time and lots of laughter. Let’s list the popular classic games and the modern ones that people enjoy. Men, women, and children of all ages love to play games and these layout ideas are sure to take you down on a trip to memory lane.

Classic Board Games

The quintessential family game night involves playing classic board games. These are typically played by 2-4 players on a tabletop and they take turns to see who scores the most, races to get to the finish line first, or rake in the most play money at the end of the game. Playing these classic boards games really do bring back a lot of fond memories, don’t they?

Layout by Melanie Nutile

Layout by Doreena

Layout by Beatrice Loren

Strategy Games

The game of strategy is quite the opposite of the game of chance because you control your actions to get the desired outcome. It's all about making the right moves in order to win. No matter what the rules are, the game of strategy allows the player to exercise his decision-making skills. It is great fun to play with and can really make you use your brain!


Layout by Alice

Layout by Karry Dempsey

Word Games

There's absolutely nothing more fun than learning English with words games where you can put those reading and spelling skills to the test. This holds especially true if English is your second language. But for native English speakers, playing word games can help them further to enhance their vocabulary. What better opportunity it is to open up that dictionary to learn new words and meanings! And did I mention that word games can be quite addicting, too? You can even play by yourself or challenge someone!

Layout by Carla Cooper

Layout by Vanessa Deneen

Card Games

When you play card games, even though it involves planning and decision-making, chance does play a huge part in it. Because even if you are playing your cards right, luck may not be at your side and there's always a chance that you would lose (that is, if you're not cheating!). But you can be sure that when you play card games with your friends and family, it always ensures fun and is an entertaining pastime.

Layout by Aquabunny

Layout by Aquabunny

Layout by Krissy Colette

Video Games

Nowadays, when you say the word “gamer”, most people think of kids and adults who play on the computer and/or use a joystick or a video game console. This has become really popular because of the advent of technology and the new games that are coming out which allow people to get really immersed in a first-person shooter, sports, simulation, action, and role-playing games. Since the era of arcades in the early 80s, the evolution of video games is nothing short of spectacular and the thrill of playing new modern and more innovative games is probably why there will be more and more gamers in the future.

Layout by Aquabunny

Layout by Doreena

Layout by Vanessa Deneen

Mobile App/Online Games

As more and more people have smartphones, naturally this gadget includes apps for gaming. Because you can take it anywhere with you, people are entertaining themselves while waiting in line or just playing with their phones to kill time. It brings another level of challenge when you play online and connect with friends, too. Just remember to bring down the brightness on your phone to reduce glare or wear eye protection if you plan on playing for a long time.

Layout by Marlyn Ramirez

Layout by gukica

These are just a few of the games that people play to keep themselves entertained and when you take photos of these joyful moments, it's always a wonderful thing to look back to. What are your favorite games? Do you enjoy the classic ones or are you up for the challenge of modern games? Share your layouts in the comments below! Would love to see what everyone is playing.

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